We are democratizing nonprofit technology.

For too long, robust technology has only been available to nonprofits that can afford it. We think powerful, integrated solutions should be accessible for all organizations and initiatives — big or small.

Our team often says that accessibility is the key to creating truly usable nonprofit technology. This is very much our daily mantra. Making Keela as accessible as possible exists at the centre of everything we do. But, as nice as that sounds, what exactly do we mean by accessibility?

Nonprofits often operate with the support of the young and old and everyone in between. This means that any given time, the level of skill and comfort with technology can vary. As such, we've ensured that not only is Keela easy to learn, but that is also easy to teach. No software is truly convenient if you must always hire outside help to train your staff.

We've spent long days and many sleepless nights doing our best to design a tool that does not overwhelm the user. Navigation, once you've taken the platform for a spin, is a pinch to learn. Similarly, we know that visibility, especially on computer screens, is a concern for many individuals, as such, the text on Keela is large and there's plenty of space between the buttons you need to click. Moreover, we've ensured that the contrast in colour between different elements on the platform is clear, making Keela comfortable to use even for those with visual impairments.

We believe strongly that in order to truly democratize nonprofit technology, which is one of our core objectives, the tools must be affordable. As such, relative to most other technological offerings, Keela starts at a genuinely accessible price point. We've ensured that not only do our users get phenomenal value, by gaining access to an entire suite of tools without needing to purchase additional modules (and see the price climb with each addition), but they do so without a complicated pricing structure. For one, simple monthly subscription fee (or annual, your choice), you get access to the entire tool. No ifs, ands, or buts. It's that simple.

What better way to understand the issues that the nonprofit sector faces than to come from it? Hiring team members from the nonprofit sector is central to our company culture. Our customer success staff, especially, come with significant nonprofit work experience, ensuring that they have a genuine interest and experience in tackling nonprofit productivity issues. They speak your language and they understand your daily struggles. This makes them your number one cheerleaders. Our team genuinely wants to see you succeed and we will do our best to build the tools to help you do just that.

Keela is one of only 2655 Certified B Corporations.

Certified B Corporations believe it’s time to expand how success is measured in the business world. B Corps voluntarily meet high standards for social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. As a B Corp, Keela will measure and manage the impact of its business on its workers, community and the environment with as much rigour as it manages and monitors its profits.

“Working at Keela has always been about building something bigger than ourselves. In fact, becoming a Certified B Corporation was very important to us, as it strengthened our social enterprise bona fides. As a company, we don’t just make software; we believe in positively impacting the world. The values of social and environmental responsibility are central to our philosophy and inform everything we do at Keela. We strive to meet higher standards in every aspect of our business, while helping to facilitate global positive change for the nonprofits we serve. We are incredibly honoured to join this global movement.”

-Nejeed Kassam, Founder and CEO

Want to learn more about our B Corp certification? You can find Keela’s B Impact Report here.

  • 2013 October

    Keela incorporates in Canada

  • 2013 October

    Hussain Karbalai, co-founder, elected to Board of Directors

  • 2014 June

    Eric BoIo, former CTO and co-founder, writes the first line of code for Keela

  • 2015 February

    Keela launches at United Nations Youth Assembly, NYC

  • May

    50 organizations join Keela's pilot from 4 different countries

  • June

    Keela launches CRM tool

  • July

    Keela begins global recruitment for its early adopter program

  • August

    Keela launches campaign management tool

  • September

    Keela grows to 80 organizations strong in 7 different countries

  • October

    Early adopter program closes with 132 organizations in 9 different countries, early development begins on updated Keela platform

  • 2016 May

    Keela grows from 3 to 8 full-time team members

  • June

    New version of Keela launches to the public

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