Advocate Program 
Terms and Conditions

Please read the advocate program terms and conditions before participating in the program. Participation in the advocate program constitutes acceptance of the below terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are agreed to in addition to Networks for Change Inc.’s (the Corporation) general Terms of Service.

  • Eligibility to the advocate program is restricted to new customers who, previous to the introduction by the advocate, had never been in any contact with the Corporation, or any of its subsidiaries, staff, or consultants.
  • The advocate, as required by federal anti-spam law, may only refer customers with whom they have an existing relationship.
  • If two or more advocates refer the same organization, including different customers within one organization, the advocate to first make the referral will be awarded the prize. 
  • An eligible referral will result in a $75 discount on Keela for the lead, and a $75 donation or discount to the advocate’s organization (or organization of their choice upon request).
  • Monthly or annual contracts are eligible. Those on monthly contracts will receive a donation or discount only after one month’s payment has been made.
  • Eligibility to refer is not limited to current customers of the Corporation. In this case, advocates may choose which organization they would like their $75 donation to be made to.
  • Existing customers may continue to use the program if and when they change organizations. Donations would then be made to their new organization (unless another organization is requested).
  • There is no restriction on how many referrals are made.
  • Only referrals made through the advocate program, by submitting the referral form, will be eligible.
  • Discounts or donations will be received once the referral has been deemed to be eligible by the Corporation, and the referral becomes a paying customer.
  • The referral award cannot be transferred, exchanged for cash, or sold. 
  • The advocate may provide information or advice about the Corporation, or any of its products, to the new customer, but the Corporation is neither liable, nor responsible for, any advice or information by provided.
  • The Corporation may suspend or terminate the advocate program or a user’s participation in the program at any time for any reason.
  • The Corporation may modify or update the advocate program and its terms and conditions at any time. Changes will be updated on the website. Continued participation in the program constitutes consent to the modifications. 
  • The advocate may not refer an organization for which they are an employee, consultant, volunteer, or Board Member.
  • The Corporation has the unfettered discretion to reject any referral from an advocate.
  • The Corporation reserves the right to review all referral activities and to suspend accounts or credits if the program is inappropriately or fraudulently used, or in violation of the Corporation’s Terms of Service and/or Privacy Policy