10 Steps to a Great Campaign Email

Philip Manzano • Sep 09, 2016

Email marketing doesn’t have to be boring. It also doesn’t have to be difficult. Use our quick tips to create compelling content that your contacts will want to keep reading. The post 10 Steps to a Great Campaign Email appeared first on Keela.

Every nonprofit should be equipped with tips and tricks to create high quality email campaigns. Whether you’re sending a monthly newsletter, advocating for a cause, or seeking donations, your emails need to capture your readers immediately.  They need to be clear, compelling and concise.

Not sure where to start?

We’ve compiled a list of ten of our favourite tips to ensure that you are creating compelling email marketing content. 

Your emails are an extension of your organization. These emails represent who you are to hundreds or thousands of your contacts! Find out what tricks work best for your organization and you’ll be proud of every email you send.

No matter what you decide to send out, once you’ve finalized content,  always test it first! Send an email to yourself. Send one to your co-worker. Check out how it looks on a computer and on a mobile device. 

Better yet, try A/B testing your emails. See what types of content your readers respond best to, and continue to craft similar emails in future. No email is perfect. No email is going to please everyone. However, if you keep our tips in mind, and continue testing to improve your recipients’ experience, your email marketing can drastically improve! 

Here are the tips we’ve compiled! What’s working for you?  Let us know some tips of your own in the comments. 

Also, feel free to right click to save our infographic, and share it with your team! 

Ready to learn more? Check out our checklist to help turn your nonprofit’s newsletter from good to GREAT and our email best practices.

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The post 10 Steps to a Great Campaign Email appeared first on Keela.