Appreciate the Heck Out of Your Volunteers

Philip Manzano • Feb 09, 2017

Your volunteers do a lot for you. Take time to thank them for everything they’ve accomplished! The post Appreciate the Heck Out of Your Volunteers appeared first on Keela.

Saying thank you goes a long way.

Volunteers are the backbone of the non-profit community. From helping with our day-to-day activities, to making sure that our special events go off without a hitch – volunteers play a major role. And that’s why thanking them is so important. I mean – it’s the least you can do.

But you’d be surprised how many people miss this simple step.

A sure-fire way to turn off a volunteer is to ignore their contributions. When an individual volunteers, they are not only giving their time — that’s just the beginning.  They are giving their skills, their experience, their personality, their effort and attention to a cause. They are working for free, largely because they care about the work; they’re connected to it in a profound way. And guess what.. They get the job done!

So one of your biggest jobs is to appreciate the heck  out of them.

multi-ethnic volunteer group hands together showing unity

The first step to meaningfully thanking your volunteers is to realize the value that they bring to your organization – to your projects and your mission to create a positive, lasting impact. One of the major issues the nonprofit world faces is the lack of capacity. So we increasingly lean on volunteers to do some heavy lifting.

TIP : When your volunteer does something great, make a note of it. Create a list of accomplishments, and refer back to this list when it comes time to recognize your volunteer for all their hard work. 

Get to know your volunteers. They’re not nameless individuals who help you get from point A to point B. They are advocates of your brand, and champions of your cause. They are the superheroes that your team needs to look for and hold up.

Some of the best stories come from volunteers because they are connected to your cause in away that no other person is. It resonates with them enough to sacrifice their valuable time. So, find out their stories and document them. Celebrate these individuals with the praise they deserve. Because of volunteers, you are able to make a larger impact for the community. And that means a whole lot.

So the next time you’re with your volunteers, think about everything they do for you. And keep saying, “Thank you”.

Rinse. Repeat.

Still stuck? Check out some quick guideline’s from Know How Nonprofit article on How to Thank Your Volunteers.