Data Migration Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

Philip Manzano • Jan 04, 2018

Migrating data seems like a scary task. But it doesn’t have to be. The post Data Migration Doesn’t Have to Be Scary appeared first on Keela.

One of the things that often stands in the way of adopting a new system within your nonprofit is the fear of change and the hurdle of data migration.

The consistency of the data – something we call data integrity – is also a big concern when making a change. What if I lose a contact? What if I lose the information that I took months or years compiling? How can I make sure that everything that we recorded gets moved over, and that I can find it?

Sound familiar?

Each of these questions represent roadblocks on the way to your ultimate destination of digital transformation for the organization. And although those questions will always be there, Keelamakes things a lot simpler by helping you through the process, every step of the way.

Here’s how Keela guided one small nonprofit through the journey of data migration.

The Keela Way

Made by experts with experience in the sector, Keela understood the fears that many small nonprofits had about data migration. That’s why the most important resource that Keela makes available to nonprofits is the Customer Success team. This team is dedicated to making sure every client’s transition to Keela and overall experience is always smooth.

After signing up, Keela’s Customer Success team reached out to them to set up an onboarding call, and guide them through the data migration process. At this point they shared some useful resources to get the nonprofit ready for the migration, including:

• A checklist to prepare their data,
• A step-by-step guide to help them migrate their data from the most popular CRMs and database software available,
• The flexibility of having an expert on-hand throughout the entire process.

Once the nonprofit organized their data completely, they began the import process with their Customer Success Manager.

Within a few hours, all of the organization’s data was in Keela and they were ready to start making an impact.

So What?

There are a few obvious benefits:

• An easy process removes barriers caused by data migration
• You are able to save time because of how quick the process is
• You are able to save money because you can do it all yourself
• You are able to relieve some stress because Keela’s Customer Success team will guide you through it all

But beyond all of that, an easy and clean data migration means that you are able to unlock more of your organization’s potential by using the new tool.

This equals more lives touched and a more achievable mission.