How A Small Nonprofit Can Track Event Attendees Without Hassle

Philip Manzano • Jan 05, 2018

You run a ton of events to get to know your donors. You shouldn’t have to spend hours going through data. The post How a small nonprofit can track event attendees without hassle appeared first on Keela.

Running nonprofit events is a great way to engage with your networks. Depending on the engagement level of your audience, events can be great fundraisers, or simply just offer opportunities to get to know your contacts better.

But putting on events can be a pain and a logistical nightmare. And unless you’re tracking the data effectively, all the opportunities to do good are lost pretty quickly. It’s a pretty typical story:

• You plan the nonprofit event.
• People register for the event online
• You print off the RSVP list
• Volunteers run the registration table, and they check off the names of attendees
• You record any new information for people who did not register online.
• Someone files that checked list somewhere.
• Rinse, repeat.

There are quite a few holes in this process, and it opens the door for lost opportunities.

Keela helps small nonprofits get the most out of their events. Let’s take a look at how one organization did it.

Tracking Event Data

Nonprofit Events without Keela

One organization used Eventbrite for its fundraiser. They had over 200 people show up! The registration and ticketing worked flawlessly with Eventbrite, and they exported the event data after everything was done. But things got a bit more difficult following the event.

The organizing committee had to create a new team of volunteers to come in after-hours to do one thing: match up event data with existing contact data. This takes several hours of tedious work. Just for a taste of what the team has to do for each contact:

• Match up names and email of contacts
• Create a new interaction related to the Event
• Write up any new notes

This can take anywhere from 1 to 3 minutes per contact. In the best-case scenario, this would take a couple of hours for one person to complete.

Nonprofit Events with Keela

Using Keela’s Eventbrite integration, small nonprofits are able to get so much more out of their event data. Keela does a few great things to make life easier for nonprofit professionals:

• Connect to Eventbrite
• Have event data integrate directly into Keela CRM
• Existing contacts update with interactions
• Keela creates new contacts and adds an interaction

When the information is updated on Eventbrite, the same information will automatically show up in Keela as an interaction. Existing contacts and new contacts, alike.

This means that the entire volunteer project created in the previous scenario is eliminated entirely. The team saves hours of time and can redirect valuable volunteer hours to more impactful initiatives throughout the organization.

So what?

Saving time as a nonprofit can translate into many things. The most obvious would be that staff resources can be redirected towards initiatives directly related to creating impact related to the organization’s mission.

Taking advantage of otherwise missed opportunities is where this solution makes a big difference. You can do more when you are able to track event data directly in Keela’s CRM. For example, you can directly target individuals who attended the event in customized messaging. You are able to see trends among the event attendees, without having to put much work into it. Automating this task makes it easier to reach out to people and potentially raise more money. It also helps you build stronger relationships with donors.

Having more opportunities to raise money through customized appeals, gets you closer to achieving your mission.

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