Quick Tip: No Such Thing as “Overthanking”

Philip Manzano • Feb 07, 2017

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Keep thanking your donors

This should be a no-brainer. But thanking your donors should always be high on your priority list. When generous individuals open up their wallets, they’re actually opening up their hearts and minds to your cause. They don’t give, unless your mission resonates with them, personally. So when you say thanks – it’s not just for their money. You’re actually saying thanks for being a champion of our cause. Thank you for helping us do our work. Thank you for enabling us to change the world together.

So keep giving thanks to your donors, because you couldn’t get far without them.

But just try to keep these things in mind:

  • Thank your donors as soon as possible – As soon as they click on that donate button, you should have some thank you messaging ready to go to them. The sooner you send, the better. Not only is it polite – it reaffirms their decision to give to you and the organization.
  • A receipt is not a thank you – We can’t stress this enough. Even if your receipt has the words “Thank You” on it, this doesn’t count. Take the time to craft something else. Your donors will appreciate it.
  • One thank you is not enough – in the nonprofit world, overthanking isn’t a thing. So thank your donors, and then thank them again. They are giving up their hard-earned dollars and investing it with you and your mission. This is a big decision, and it’s one that deserves to be recognized.
  • Don’t forget other donation sources  – It’s easy to automate thank you messages when someone donates to you online. But don’t forget the other sources of funds. A donor deserves a thank you, whether it’s a huge credit card contribution, or the simple purchase of a muffin at a bake sale. It all contributes to your work – and they both deserved to be thanked.
  • Be sincere. Be memorable – It’s easy to just send out Thank You messages, but take a good look at your messaging. Because people can easily tell when you’re not being genuine.

Use some of these quick tips to develop a stronger relationship with your donors. So keep thanking them!

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