How to Create a Thank You Video For Your Donors

Philip Manzano • Dec 27, 2016

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Donation season is over and it’s time to really show your donors how grateful you are for everything they have done over the past year. There are so many different ways to show this gratitude – from emails, to phone calls and handwritten notes – but in the age of social media, creating a thank you video can be a fun interactive way to say thanks.

The more of your donors that are online or on your social media, the more important it is that you show thanks online.

1. Establish your development abilities

You don’t need to have a videographer on staff to make a video these days. As long as you have a camera you can make it happen. Before you start making a video you need to decide how you want to make it. It doesn’t need to be high tech but you should plan out the rest based on how your video is going to be made. If you have simple technology then a simple video will look best.

2. Pick your subject

There’s no better person to say thank you than your target community members. Figure out exactly who you want to be in your video. Put your subject in a location that is natural for them – and ideally well lit! Make sure your subject is comfortable on screen and go from there. Be sure to include the names of people included in your video and their association to your organization. There should be no guessing – those watching the video should know where this person is coming from.

3. Write your script

Impact, impact, impact. Make sure your script helps to communicate the impact that your organization is making. You want your donors to feel good after watching your thank you video. To put faces to their donations and have a better understanding of what their money is doing. If someone is saying “thank you” make sure they explain exactly what it is they are thankful for.

4. Edit!

Keep your video short and sweet. The shorter it is the more likely people may actually watch it all the way through. Edit out any components of the video that are unnecessary. Keep it to the message. Make sure everything is on topic, the shots look good and the sound is consistent. Add some fun, upbeat music to really draw people into the great impact you are making.

5. Decide where to post your thank you video

If you have active social media accounts then you definitely want to get your video out to all your followers. You can also use different forums like Youtube or Vimeo, depending on where you have shared videos in the past. If this is your first video you may want to do some research to see where you contacts are online. You can even email your video out to your donors personally if they are not active on social media. Whatever works best for your donors.

Looking for some inspiration to get started? Here are 4 inspiring thank you videos from Boomerang.

The post How to Create a Thank You Video For Your Donors appeared first on Keela.