3 Steps to Improving the Supporter Journey

Philip Manzano • Aug 10, 2016

A nonprofits most precious asset is its base of supporters. Here’s how to keep them engaged and active. The post 3 Steps to Improving the Supporter Journey appeared first on Keela.

What’s all the fuss about? 

We get asked quite frequently what the best ways are to engage with a supporter base. The truth is each supporter is different with their own unique interests and preferences, and the best way to keep them engaged is to build the best possible 360-degree profile of each supporter you can. 

Here are some basic tips to help foster that relationship from our team to yours.

1. Communication. 

Make sure that communication with your donors is timely and tailored. If they are a brand new supporter make sure you send them a welcome pack and/or acknowledgment in a timely manner. You need to start the supporter journey off on the right foot! With fundraising events, all volunteers should be thanked immediately for their help and encouraged to share their experiences and stories on social media. All donations from supporters should be thanked in a timely manner , whether it’s a one time donation or a recurring donation. They want to know that their contributions, time, and effort are all valued. Done the right way, cultivating supporters may turn them into legacy donors!

2. Connection. 

Spend time ensuring that you have an emotional connection with your donors, it’s so important. This is done by tailoring your communications, keeping donors informed, thanking them as discussed above. But sometimes it’s important to go that extra mile and do something unexpected. Do you remember the last time someone did something unexpected for you? Or went the extra mile? Do you remember how that made you feel? It makes the world of difference. So have a think about how you can go the extra mile for your supporters. The key point to remember is that personalization is always appreciated.

3. Data.


This is key to building a strong supporter profile. A great CRM system is key to accurate and actionable data. Within your CRM, you can record all of the relevant information you need to build a 360-degree view of your supporter. For example, log phone calls, received marketing materials, type and frequency of donations, preferred type of communication, personal information and so on. All of this information can also be pulled into a reporting function within the system to highlight patterns of behaviour of what’s working and what’s not. 

We hope these tips help you get started on cultivating life-long relationships for your organization. Now, your turn! What does your organization to do keep your supporters engaged? Share your thoughts below!

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The post 3 Steps to Improving the Supporter Journey appeared first on Keela.