One of our main goals at Keela is to help your nonprofit grow.


The best ways we can think to do this are to help you raise more money, and save more time. Both of these elements dramatically improve the efficiency of your organization, ultimately enabling you to get back to the impact work that you love.


Using Keela’s donation form will unlock a wealth of possibilities for your organization, and we can’t wait for you to see all the benefits!


What is Keela’s Donation Form?


A donation form allows you to accept donations throughout the year for a targeted campaign and provide donors with the ability to contribute to your organization within a few clicks.


It is basically a highly customizable online form used to collect donations — and you have two options to share it: as a standalone webpage or embedded directly on your website.


When donation forms are present on your website, you provide a digital space for the community to interact with your organization in a meaningful way. You are meeting donors where they are – because where they are is often online.


How does it work?


One of the best ways that Keela can add value to your work is by helping you work more efficiently. But Keela can only do that when all of the moving parts are talking to one another. And using your Keela donation form helps you ensure that.


Before creating a donation form, you must first have your Stripe or Paypal account connected in order to accept donations.


Note: Not sure whether Stripe or Paypal is the right payment processor for your team? Read this handy article to explain the pros and cons of each!


Once you have the donation form up and running, it’s time to start accepting donations. And here’s exactly what will happen when someone donates using the Keela donation form:


Donation Pages Help You Get the Most out of Keela



When a donation comes in, there are two important components: the donor information and the donation.


The donation moves from the Keela form, directly to your payment processor (Paypal or Stripe). Your payment processor will then deposit those donations directly into your organization bank account (minus their processing fee charged by Paypal or Stripe).


The donor information moves from the Keela form, directly into Keela’s CRM by first creating or updating an existing donor profile. The donation amount is also recorded in Keela’s donations section. And a donation receipt is generated and sent out to the donor.


And all of this happens without you having to lift a finger.



Keela’s donation form has really simplified our donations process. In the past we had to record each online donation from the payment provider into our bookkeeping system and then manually issue a tax receipt. Now, donations are recorded automatically, charitable tax receipts are sent out with a thank you note immediately, and we receive an email notifying us of the donation.


Best of all, we are certain that all the necessary information has been collected. Having Keela has really streamlined our process and we’re only just getting started!


–  Matt Johnstone, Administrative Director, Sole Food Street Farms | Cultivate Canada



Keela’s donation form saves you time


When someone submits a donation online, there are a ton of automated processes that save you time in administrative tasks.

Tracking donor information


When you use a Keela donation form, you are able to customize what information you collect. But the best part about this is that all of that information is automatically sent to your CRM. You are able to build a robust donor profile, with little effort. Donation forms are a great place to collect information such as:


•  Name

•  Email

•  Phone Number

•  Donation Amount


And you can even collect custom fields that will also automatically populate in the CRM. Some great examples we’ve seen are:


•  Favourite sports team

•  T-shirt size

•  Best day to contact


All you have to do is set up the donation form properly, and you build full donor profiles.

Sending donation receipts


Sending donation receipts is time-consuming. You have to pull records from your donation processor and match them up with donor records. Then you have to double, and triple check details – enter them into a template, and then send out an email. You also have to make sure you have unique donation IDs and meet all the other requirements for donation receipts.


When you have a Keela donation form – all of this is taken care for you with online donations. This admin time (and stress) is reduced to zero.


The same is true of issuing cumulative receipts to donors at the end of the year. You can have all of these receipts sent out to donors without having to worry about manual processes.


Keela donation forms help you raise more money


One of the flaws of many other donation forms is that they force you to leave the website. It interrupts the flow of a possible donation.


Individuals land on a website, learn about the cause with strategic messaging, and then eventually move towards making a gift. It is a bad user experience to leave the website and launch into a payment processor with different branding and different messaging. It’s actually a bit of a jarring experience, that could deter a donor from completing their gift.


It may not seem like a lot, but one of your main goals with online donations is to remove as many barriers as possible, and sending donors away from your reputable website in order to make a contribution is enough to sow a seed of doubt in an individual’s trust of your organization.


Keela donation forms help you build trust


When you keep potential donors on your page during the donation process, they can feel more comfortable about the link between your organization and the donation being processed.


Building a Keela donation form, customizing it with your branding, and embedding it directly onto your website makes this process seamless for the donor, which will hopefully lead to more conversions.


Here’s an example of Keela’s donation form embedded beautifully into a nonprofit donate page:



Donation Form - VMO



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