Fundraising Even When You Don’t Have Time

Philip Manzano • Oct 15, 2016

Nonprofits can’t afford to ignore fundraising. Take in a few tips on how to keep on fundraising even when it feels like you can’t. Use your time, networks and resources wisely to keep momentum going. The post Fundraising Even When You Don’t Have Time appeared first on Keela.

Guest Author: Jen Sguigna,

Juno Beach Foundation

We all need to fundraise. But often, we also need to manage employees and a board, operate an institution, attend and plan events, write newsletters, and maybe even do some janitorial work. There’s never enough hours in the day – that’s for sure. So how do you fundraise if you can’t dedicate all of your time to it, or afford to dedicate an employee to it?

Here are some tips to making sure you continue to fundraise even if you aren’t able to make it top priority.

Make it part of everything you do.  

In everything that you do, always be asking yourself, how can this help me to raise money? Just because it can’t be the only thing you do, fundraising should be in everything you do.

Use social media to raise exposure.

If you can’t afford to be hitting the streets every day to look for donors and spread your message, use social media! You can reach a large audience instantaneously, and that message can be spread without much work on your end. At the same time, don’t underestimate the time needed to manage social media campaigns. 

Time management!

Dedicate one day a week to fundraising, and don’t make excuses for yourself  if you miss it. Use this day to reach out to current donors, target potential new donors, and send out requests for special gifts. Maybe apply for some grants. Remember that all of that stuff you do on the other 6 days of the week can’t happen if you don’t raise funds! 

Consult with experts.

Not everyone can afford to hire an employee dedicated only to fundraising, but consider working with a consultant with an expertise in fundraising. If you have the funds, you can have them work with you for a few hours a week. If it’s only a one time thing, ask them to review your current fundraising plan and offer feedback. 

Use your board!

A lot of non-profits have a board of directors, who are often well-connected individuals. Use them as fundraisers! They can solicit gifts, attend events, and liaise with important donors. It’s important to trust your board to talk for your organization. Consider implementing a policy that requires them to bring in a certain amount of donations every year. This can be a huge load off your back.

How do you find time to fundraise when you have no time? We’d love to hear your suggestions!

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The post Fundraising Even When You Don’t Have Time appeared first on Keela.