How to Create a Kick-Butt Donation Page!

Philip Manzano • Apr 25, 2017

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Imagine this – A potential donor lands on your website and loves your cause. They love how you make a difference and want to help you make an even bigger impact. That’s a HUGE win!

Now they navigate to your donation page – a long, bland form that looks like something that you have to fill out at government offices. You’d be lucky if the potential donor makes it to the end of that page, let alone makes a contribution to your cause.

The fact of the matter is: your cause is just the beginning, and the battle is not over when people get to your donation page. Here are some tips to kick-butt when it comes to your organization’s donation page:


The top of your donation page is valuable real estate. This is the first thing that people see, so there should be no confusion about what will be coming next. Make sure your logo and branding are visible and use images to start telling an emotional story about your cause.

The great thing about being in the nonprofit sector is that we all have a ‘good’ story to tell. It’s not something that we have to manufacture. So leverage this by telling your compelling stories: a hero image; a quick blurb. It doesn’t take much.


Remember that your donors are very busy people. So, a major objective of yours should be to reduce the amount of work they have to do. You can do this by simplifying your donation form.

It’s tempting to want to collect as much donor information as possible with your forms (who doesn’t love filling up the CRM?). But fight that urge as much as possible, and keep the required fields to a minimum.

Your objective is to help guide the potential donor to the finish line with the least amount of roadblocks (if any).


Nowadays, the internet is mostly consumed through mobile devices. Look up right now. I bet you saw someone with their head down, encapsulated by their phone. That’s just the world that we live in. And the nonprofit sector has to embrace it!

This means that you should ensure your donation pages work – and look good – on mobile. Design with mobile devices in mind, and before you launch, test them out on as many devices that you can get your hands on. At our office, we have old iPhones and older Android phones that we only use to see how our pages show up on mobile.


The best way to screw up a donor journey is to give them too many options. This is why it’s important to minimize these options on the donation page. Eliminate sidebars and other navigation options that can take potential donors away from completing their donation.

The clear call to action should be to complete the donation – not to learn more about the organization (because you should have done this already).

Everything on your website should exist to drive people to give to your organization. When you give people options to navigate away, you run this risk that they’ll do just that.


Once people have donated, allow people to share the news on social media. Incorporate social sharing buttons directly on your donation pages – but know your audience. Find out what social channels they use the most, and make those available to them.

This does a few things – first, it allows people to brag about their good deeds, but it also helps to widen your net. You are given access to their networks, and hopefully will be able to inspire them to give as well. This is a win-win!


Your job isn’t done when people get to your donation page. In fact, there’s still a lot to do to make sure they become a donor. The look and feel of the donation page can determine a person’s next steps. It’s your job to create and dictate the donor journey, through story-telling, and captivating images.

So, follow these tips and let us know how you do!