How To Get More Donations This Holiday Season

Philip Manzano • Nov 29, 2017

This season comes with a lot of holiday fundraising opportunities. Check out these tips to raise even more money this year. The post How to get more donations this holiday season appeared first on Keela.

Holiday fundraising is an important revenue stream for nonprofits. Even though it comes on the heels of some pretty hefty spending, Giving Tuesday helps to kick off the giving season for donors. And this means even more donations for your nonprofit. It’s up to you and your organization to be smart about each step of the donor journey to fully take advantage of it.

Adapting the Donor Journey for Holiday Fundraising

Take a look at your donor journey like a funnel.

Your goal is to bring as any prospective donors into the top of your funnel as possible. And as they continue down the funnel, your communication with them changes. It gets more personal and catered. It starts to connect with what these particular individuals really care about. Your ultimate goal is to get them to the bottom of the funnel, and through to the other side, where they are a donor and supporter of your organization.

So what do these different stages look like?


Top of the funnel

This is commonly referred to as the awareness stage . It is at this point that individuals get to know who you are. They learn everything they need to know about your organization, and ultimately decide for themselves if it’s worth it to keep looking at your organization.

Middle of Funnel

When you’ve successfully caught the eye of a potential donor, you are able to bring them to the next step in the middle of the funnel. This is the consideration stage — the point where your potential donor is really thinking hard about opening that wallet.

Bottom of Funnel

After they’ve given your organization some meaningful thought, they will reach the bottom of the funnel: the decision stage . This is where you can really drive home the message of your organization and convince people to give.

Using Keela throughout the donor journey

The great thing about holiday fundraising is that you can use Keela at each step, optimizing your workflow to maximize donor dollars over the next few weeks.

A lot of the donor journey nurturing can take place within Keela’s CRM . Here, you are able to do a few things:

• Track the interactions you have with potential donors

• Tag donors based off of their interest level or their position within the donor funnel

• Create Smart Lists based off of how these individuals have responded to eblasts or other touchpoints

• Take notes about what matters to each donor

• Track their involvement and volunteer hours to see who may have more potential to give

By using Keela’s Campaigns feature, you are able to create customized appeals for your donors.  Create a campaign for Holiday Giving and from here, you can  do a few things:

• Set a fundraising goal

• Send an eblast (or two, or three) to specific segments within your database

• Track who opened those messages (to see their level of interest)

• Track who gave to those campaigns (to see who you’ve converted)

You can be super creative within Keela to get the exact information you’re looking for to convert potential donors into actual donors throughout your holiday fundraising campaigns. By combining these two components, you are able to find out who to communicate with, and develop beautiful messages specifically for them.

And the best part: it’s all tracked , measured and reportable .

Want to see how Keela can help you raise more money this holiday season, check out a free demo , and see it in action!