At Keela, we talk a lot about making data-driven decisions. As a company, using data to strategically drive how we work is an integral part of who we are. It helps us respond to the people we serve, instead of just pushing forward with a “gut feeling”.

We’ve always believed that nonprofits should make their decisions the same way. Look at how your donors are behaving, and respond to those behaviors, ultimately helping you raise more money and do more good.

In the past, we gave you some tips and best practices for data-driven decision making. And while this is still valuable, it still leaves you with a lot of work when it comes to understanding that data, and interpreting next steps. But now, we’re really giving you a tool to take a lot of the work out of making strategic fundraising decisions.

Say hello to Insights (beta) 👋

Think of Insights like smart suggestions or nudges in the right direction when it comes to fundraising using campaigns. It’s similar to the way you get suggested movies on a Netflix account or find new music on Spotify’s Discover Weekly.  

On Keela, Insight is provided using machine learning based on a few factors:

  • Previous donation amounts
  • How often a contact donates
  • Which campaigns the contact donated to previously
  • Similar campaign names and descriptions
  • Contact demographics

For now, Insights will live in 2 places: an individual Campaign and in a Contact Profile.  Here’s what you can expect.

Insights on Campaigns

If you are building a Campaign on Keela, your Insights will potentially give you a list of individuals within your Contacts that are more likely to donate to that campaign. This Insight is based on a few factors:

With the little action buttons, you’ll also have the ability to send those individuals an email about your campaign, or even create a Follow-Up — right from the Campaign set up.

Insights on Contact Profiles

When you browse through Contact Profiles, you will notice a new section called “Insights”. Here you will see a list of active Campaigns that this particular donor might be interested in donating to.

Once again, you are given the opportunity to either email that contact about the campaign, or set a Follow-Up to touch base with them later.

Why does this matter?

Data is only good if you know what to do with it. Otherwise, it’s just numbers.

Collecting data is the first step, but interpreting those numbers and making an actionable decision based on what that data is telling you is a difficult thing to do. It can be overwhelming, and that’s why nonprofits pay consultants a lot of money to do this legwork for them. But Keela makes it easier for you.

With Insights, a lot of those steps are taken care of for you. You don’t have to worry about thinking (and over-thinking) about your perfect audience for a fundraising campaign.

Let the numbers tell the story, and let Keela’s Insights work for you.


About Keela

Keela is an impact technology company committed to building specialized solutions for the nonprofit sector. We believe that productive tools should be accessible and affordable, especially for those working for the greater good.

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