10 Steps to a Great Campaign

Philip Manzano • Oct 13, 2017

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Sending emails to your mailing lists is one of the easiest ways to get a message out. Whether it’s an announcement about a new program, or a donation ask for a fundraiser — emails are a great way to do it. But just because it’s easy — doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be meaningful about your approach. In fact, a lot goes into crafting your nonprofit message.

Once you have a clear message, you can start following these steps:

1. Highlight Your Brand

Everyone should know an email is from you just by looking at it. Use your logo and colours to showcase your organization.

2. Be Consistent

If you send a monthly newsletter the formatting should stay similar enough so the reader knows exactly what is monthly.

3. Make it Personal

Use email shortcuts to insert contact names directly into the body of every email – even if it’s being sent to 1,000 people it can still look personal.

4. Tell Your Story

Captivate your readers with personal stories from your organization. Be real, show your readers exactly who you are and what you stand for.

5. Show Your Progress

Use quick numbers or figures to showcase your organization’s progress to your regular readers

6. Make a Call to Action

What’s the purpose of your email? Insert a big, colourful donate button if donations are what you need.

7. Use High Quality Photos

Taking high quality photos of the work you’re doing can go a long way in promoting your organization.

8. Make it Special

Is there a special offer, cause or project you are highlighting in this email? What makes it different from the rest?

9. Switch It Up

Sometimes it’s nice to break out of the norm and send an unexpected email with unique content to keep your readers wanting more.

10. Adhere to Spam Laws

Include all your organization’s contact info and an unsubscribe button on all your mass emails.

Email campaigns remain an effective method of communication. Increasing engagement and conversion through your messages is a great way to increase gifts to your organization. There are several email marketing tools that can be used; just be sure to find one that gives you all the features you want, at a price your team can manage.