4 Benefits of Integrating Email Marketing and a CRM

Philip Manzano • Feb 19, 2018

A CRM is a powerful relationship-building tool, but there is always so much more you can do with it. One of the best ways to get the most out of your nonprofit software is to make sure your email marketing strategies are informed by your CRM data.

You can tell powerful storieswhen you use your donor data. In fact, it’s a core strategy for nonprofits to tell stories. Here are some of the benefits of fully integrating your email marketing with your CRM, and get the most out of your system:

Benefits of integrating Email Marketing

1. Get improved donor visibility

Your fund development team has great insights into your donor behaviour. They are constantly talking to them, seeing trends and taking note of them within the CRM. They know where each contact is within the donor journey, and can identify those who have engaged with the organization a bit more actively. All of this information helps content creators and marketers when it comes to creating audiences and catered messages. It’s a clean exchange of information because it’s all coming from the same place.

2. All information in one spot

When your fundraisers and marketing teams are using the same pool of data, it is much easier to manage. It is also a much more efficient workflow, instead of having your team check multiple locations. Having everything integrated saves time and allows your team to focus their work.

3. Improved data integrity

When all of your teams are contributing to the same set of data, then everything is always up to date — for everyone that accesses the data. The most recent interaction or discovery is logged, and your entire team will know about the change when they access those records. This ensures that nothing slips through the cracks when it comes to content planning for email campaigns.

4. Ability to create targeted messaging for email marketing

The more information that content creators have about their audience, the more targeted they make their messaging. The different fields within your CRM can give valuable information to target messages. Fields such as Job Title , and Demographics can paint a clear picture about who your donor is. This is a great way to ensure you are creating messages that resonate with donors.

Do your best to integrate your CRM with your email marketing strategy. Ensure that your entire team is working off of the same data, and be diligent about keeping that data accurate and clean. Then you can start telling even more compelling nonprofit stories, and raise more money.