Time Saving Tips from Keela

Philip Manzano • Sep 21, 2017

A quick tip is to log into your Keela in the mornings. This will solve a ton of time! The post Time Saving Tips from Keela appeared first on Keela.

Working in the nonprofit sector is equal parts fun and interesting. It’s filled with passionate individuals who want to do good things for people. The cause areas represented are as varied as the people in the sector, itself. But one thing is undeniably true—everyone in the sector is working there because they care about the mission.

I worked for a nonprofit not too long ago. And, without question, the favorite part of my day would be when I was within the community, talking to the people who were being affected by our work. It was the impactful stories and experiences that made up the most influential moments of my time there.

I didn’t stay in the sector because of the thrill of administrative work, or because I got to play with the latest and greatest gadgets (because that literally never happened). I stayed because I was connecting with Jacob. Or Andrew. Or  Sarah. I stayed because I was making a difference in the lives of real people. I got to have a one-to-one relationship with them and be part of their journey. My only wish was to have more time to spend on program work to develop these relationships.

Stories like mine aren’t unique.

In fact, small nonprofits make up nearly 70% of all the nonprofits in the US. So stories like mine are the rule, and not the exception.

So here’s the problem: There is a need to find more time in the workday so that nonprofits, and the people that run them, can get back to impact.

At Keela, we found one way to do that. And that’s by logging into Keela every morning – just like you would your email or calendar. By incorporating Keela into our morning routine, we were able to find a couple extra hours every week. Stretched over a longer period of time, that is a huge amount of time saved. And in the business of nonprofits, time is not only money; time is lives touched. So every minute counts.

Case Study: How Keela Helps VMO save 100+ Hours a Year

Of course, changing your morning routine can be tough. We are all creatures of habit. But here are three things that we did that can help you save time right away.

Morning update

  • Log into Keela when you get to the office (or open a laptop from where ever you are)
  • Use the dashboard view to tell you what immediate things need to be done.
  • This will help you schedule your day and optimize your tasks and workflow.
  • At a glance, you know what you have to do, instead of wasting time digging through multiple apps

Get to know your contacts

  • Make it a habit of diving into your contacts before reaching out to them
  • Check to see their recent interactions
  • Check to see any existing relationships that you can leverage
  • The time saved comes mostly from not having to pull anyone else away and use their time to find something.

Leverage Smart Lists

  • Smart lists are exactly that – smart!
  • You can create them based on very specific, targeted criteria
  • Your team can send streamlined messaging to these contacts
  • You save tons of time because these lists will update and change based on how well they fit the criteria you set.

These are just a few ways that you can use Keela to help you get back to your impact. But the time-saving possibilities are endless.