Work Smarter by Embracing Project Management

Philip Manzano • Jun 12, 2017

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Time is money. There’s nothing new about that. 

Often, you’re tasked with wearing several different hats, and given no extra support. That’s just life in the world of nonprofits. So, we have to turn to powerful tools to help us do more, better. And project management tools are some of the best to increase productivity and boost efficiency – two things that every nonprofit can use more of. 

For those new to the concept, project management tools can help your nonprofit manage your projects, work and run campaigns more effectively. You will not only be able to save time, effort and costs in planning and managing projects, but you’ll also improve productivity making it easier to achieve your mission. Ultimately, this is what we are trying to do with each day – make sure that we create a positive impact and make our mission, possible.  

Think of it like a conductor and their orchestra. Each part must be planned out and executed at the right time, and it’s all done for the audience. Using project management tools give you a bigger stage and a stronger command of your orchestra. You can keep everything in one place, including all discussions, documents, and changes. 

For most nonprofits, project management lives in spreadsheets, emails, and random sheets of paper where you brainstormed in person. Right from the planning stages, it’s a nightmare to get everyone on the same wavelength because of the disparate use of tools and varying mediums. When you use project management tools, most of this stress is alleviated. 

The upside of embracing project management is obvious. That was never the problem. The problem, as it usually is within the sector, is all about capacity and cost. These tools cost money to buy, and time to learn. Two things that charities often struggle with. So you need tools that are powerfully simple! 

Here are some examples of the types of things you can do within Keela to manage your projects:

Deadlines, Notifications, and Team Members:

When you open the Keela Projects module, you’re immediately prompted with some of the most vital information for any task:

  • What’s the deadline?
  • When do you want to be reminded?
  • Who else is involved?

Right from the beginning, your project is given a timeline, and everyone who is involved is made aware of that timeline.

Adding Tasks:

Right from your Project module, you can add detailed tasks that need to be completed. You can describe the task, assign due dates to keep everyone on track and assign tasks to specific team members to help you with the delegation of work.

Starting a discussion:

There are tons of conversations that happen when trying to complete a project. Before, those would happen in emails, or go undocumented in-person. Within Keela’s Project module, you are able to have all those discussions in one place, so everyone is on the same page — driving toward the same goal.

Uploading relevant documents:

Ever find yourself looking through scores of emails just to find an attachment your team member sent a few weeks back? It gets frustrating, and time-consuming. With Keela, you can upload documents and file directly to your project, so everything you need is in one place, for everyone to access.

Remember — there are tons of tools on the market. You just have to find the tool that works for your organization and your workflow. So start by looking at how your team works: list the features that you absolutely need in software, and make sure your tools check all of those boxes. This is the best way to get the most out of your project management software.

Want to do good, better?

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