3 reasons you should go to Capacity Conference 2019

Philip Manzano • Apr 01, 2019

Keela’s hosting Capacity Conference for a 2nd year. And here’s why you should join us!

Capacity building is at the core of our mission at Keela. Through our tools, we aim to position nonprofits and charities in a way that helps them succeed with added technological capacity.

But we don’t want to stop there.

We want to bring capacity building directly to the sector, and that means meeting with them face-to-face. That’s why we will be hosting the 2nd annual Capacity Conference on May 27, 2019 at UBC Robson Square. There are a few things that you should know about this conference — and why it’s important for Vancouver’s nonprofit sector. We believe that Capacity Conference is important because:

  • Capacity Conference affordable. Really affordable.
  • Capacity Conference teaches actionable content.
  • Capacity Conference gives you time to connect with nonprofits in your community.

So let’s start at the beginning.

Capacity Conference is affordable

Capacity Conference tickets are just $45 . That is a for a full-day conference, including a meal, coffee and snacks.

We understand, better than most, just how difficult it is to scrape together a professional development budget at your nonprofit. So, in the name of accessibility, we aimed to price Capacity Conference as low as possible. This event is cost-recovery for us — and we aim to make it all about the content. That means that we might strip away a lot of the frills that you might be used to at other conferences. No fancy video effects, fog machines and elaborate booths for engagement. It even means less swag.

But we know that capacity building is all about the content , the people , the networks and the community . Those are the things we focus on with Capacity Conference.

Capacity Conference teaches actionable content

Last year was the first time we ran Capacity Conference. And we’ll be honest — we made some mistakes . But we learned from them, took the time to listen to our attendees through a post-event survey, and incorporated as much of that feedback as possible into this year’s version.

One of the biggest pieces of feedback surrounded the actual content. In general, we left people wanting more — much more . Some of the things we talked about were too high level. Instead of diving deep into certain conversations, we introduced a lot of concepts at the surface level. And that left some people feeling frustrated.

This year, it’s all about actionable content . We are filtering out any high-level topics, and making sure that every presentation is going deeper. This means that each presentation will have clear learning outcomes — and will delve deeper into particular topics with case studies , examples , templates and walk-throughs .

Here’s a great example of a presentation that hit the nail on the head from last year. Our friend Leigh Schumann from Fawkes and Holly presented about best practices for Donor Retention and captured the room with important things everyone in the room could start implementing immediately:

Connecting with your Nonprofit Community

Another BIG learning from Capacity Conference last year was that the sector just wanted to connect with one another. Capacity building happens in so many ways — not just through lectures and presentations — but through connections and networking with our neighbours.

This year’s Capacity Conference will make more space and time for the sector to connect with one another. We want to foster a safe place for our friends in the sector to exchange ideas , spark partnerships , and edify one another . There’s not enough of that with packed schedules of most conferences.

Capacity Conference tickets are on sale now!

Capacity Conference is right around the corner — and you can secure your tickets here .