COVID-19 Response: How Keela Can Help In a Time of Uncertainty

Nejeed Kassam • Apr 03, 2020

Covid-19 is a scourge upon us all. It has affected our lives and livelihoods with relentless indifference, lacking any capacity to feel remorse or guilt.

But it cannot do so forever. It cannot affect our capacity to love and to give.

It cannot rob us of our capacity for resilience and it cannot erode our creativity.

For resilience, creativity, and passion are values at the core of the brave individuals who serve our organizations and our sector everyday. This is why I believe our sector cannot be so easily humbled; why it cannot be so easily counted out.

Our singular priority at Keela has always been to support nonprofit organizations. The only difference now is that our approach has evolved.

Keela would like to extend a helping hand by offering 
two months of Keela on us

These offerings are Keela’s attempt at ensuring your organization has the tools you need to continue making a difference. Our communities need support and it is our collective duty to continue building and empowering the nonprofit sector so that it is strong enough to weather not only this crisis, but the next one, and the one to follow.

I believe, as does everyone at Keela, that these offers are the greatest changes we can make today, to support your mission tomorrow.

Though we may be practicing physical distancing (or face outright lockdown), our visions and hearts need not be similarly isolated. Please reach out if you believe Keela can help your organization – or even if you just want to say hi.

During these uncertain times, keep fighting the good fight. You can spur action, you can fundraise, you can keep your community connected, and you can continue to build… I have no doubt that you will.

Keela and I are proud to support in every way we can.

Always Yours,

Nejeed & The Keela Family.

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You can spur action, you can fundraise, and you can keep your community connected.

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