Why Day of the Girl Matters to Keela

Philip Manzano • Oct 11, 2018

What is International Day of the Girl?

If you’ve been on social media lately, you will have heard some rumblings about International Day of the Girl. In fact, we’ve been talking a lot about Day of the Girl as well, through profiles of some awesome members of the Keela family: WYSE and SheJumps.

International Day of the Girl is a special day every year designated to highlight and address the issues that girls face all over the world. It is a day to celebrate girls and women and the organizations that empower them and the work they do to build communities. It is a day to have meaningful discussions about gender inequality, about policy change, about women leading in the workforce, and about opportunity for all.

But it’s also a day to truly live your mission as an organization and celebrate those who are doing their part to lift girls and women up.

“International Day of the Girl should be a significant holiday to everyone. Our investment in the future of the world depends on every human’s ability to see their potential, and by celebrating young girls as a global community, we prove to them that they are supported in any endeavor they should embark upon.”

Claire Smallwood, Executive Director, SheJumps

When is International Day of the Girl?

International Day of the Girl is on October 11, 2018. It is celebrated annually on October 11, and wraps around various social media campaigns spearheaded by organizations like the United Nations and Plan International.

Who celebrates Day of the Girl?

One of the beautiful things about Day of the Girl is that it is celebrated by everyone. It doesn’t matter who you are, what gender you identify with, or where you are in the world — everyone can take time to celebrate Day of the Girl, and it can be done with as little as a tweet through your mobile device or a conversation with a friend.

Nonprofits can use Day of the Girl to highlight their own missions. Just as much as Day of the Girl is about empowering girls — it is also about accessibility, opportunity, equity and equality. Pull these themes out in broad-strokes and relate it back to how empowering girls is a great way to do just that.

Why is International Day of the Girl Important to Keela?

Hanna works for Keela. She’s actually one of those friendly voices you hear when you pick up the phone to chat with us. She wrote down some thoughts about Day of the Girl:

Every year on October 11 we think about girls’ rights around the world – and in many cases, the lack of.

Girls today bring courage, new ideas, and passion to all that they do. Creating positive change throughout their communities. They are leading the way as students, volunteers, entrepreneurs, and activists . Demonstrating that you are never too young to shape the future and enhance the lives of others.


The lack of equal opportunities, access to education and healthcare, forced child marriages, female genital mutilation (FGM), and sexual violence are still issues faced by girls around the world .

Day of the Girl is a powerful way to draw attention to the needs and rights of girls. To recognize the injustices they face and the unique position they are in – being discriminated against, for simply being young and female.

This year’s International Day of the Girl theme is “With Her: A Skilled GirlForce” .

Under this theme, IDG marks the beginning of a year-long effort to “bring together partners and stakeholders to advocate for and draw attention and investments to, the most pressing needs and opportunities for girls to attain skills for employability ” .

Today’s generation of girls is preparing to enter a workforce that is being transformed by innovation and automation. Educated and skilled workers are in great demand, but roughly a quarter of young people – most of them female – are currently neither employed or in education or training .

Of the 1 billion young people – including 600 million adolescent girls – that will enter the workforce in the next decade, over 90 percent of those living in developing countries will work in the informal sector, where exploitation, low or no pay, and abuse are common .

That is why we need to work alongside girls to expand existing learning opportunities, outline new pathways and call on the global community to rethink how to prepare them for a successful transition into the workforce.

The world’s 600 million adolescent girls each have the potential, strength, creativity, and energy to meet global industry demands. For them to gain access to the skills they need, they are relying on the global community to join with them.

That is where we, as a software, and you as a nonprofit, donor, volunteer come in.

Thanks to my position at Keela, I have the privilege of talking to and learning from all the amazing charities and nonprofits working to improve the lives of girls around the world.

Organizations like Brave Initiatives , Empowering Minds , WYSE and SheJumps are enabling girls to reach their potential and change the game everywhere. They are helping create a world where equality reigns and changing the course of history by empowering girls worldwide.

“International Day of the Girl represents the power and presence of female empowerment around the world. It’s not just about investing in girls’ futures, but in investing in the global advancement of humanity. At WYSE, we strongly align with the universal idea that with equal opportunities and education, girls can become leaders and advocates for change. That’s why they call it girl power, right?”

Lauren Gorski Allen, Communications Chair, WYSE

Helping these organizations – being part of that impact, is why I joined Keela.

Working at Keela has always been about building something bigger than ourselves. We don’t just make software. We believe in positively impacting those around us. We don’t create accessible tools just because it’s a nice thing to do. We create accessible tools because nonprofits are changing the world every day, and they deserve the best.

We do the work we do because powerful, integrated solutions should be accessible for all organizations and initiatives. Being part of the Keela family means I have a mission to see that all the organizations we work with succeed. To achieve this we commit ourselves to do our very best to build the tools to help them do just that.

I have the amazing opportunity to work side-by-side with others that are driven at their core to make the world a better place. When I come to work each day, I know that I am making a real impact to further the missions of the organization we work with. That is why it is so rewarding to be part of this incredible family.

So today on the International Day of the Girl, I am proud to empower organizations that work toward girls rights! Let’s use today as a call for a social and political revolution to tear down the barriers that continue to hold girls back.

Because when girls have equal opportunities, they can change both their lives and their communities.

Celebrating International Day of the Girl

International Day of the Girl is an important day to celebrate. On October 11, take some time to acknowledge the conversations happening about girls’ rights. Include your nonprofit work in that narrative, and always orient your programs towards inclusivity and access.

When you do these things, you uphold the values of International Day of the Girl. You can live your mission, and truly push your entire network to make a positive lasting change, as part of a global initiative.