Donor Experience Week: The First Free, Online Donor Experience Event for Nonprofits

Ines Alvergne • Sep 10, 2019
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What : A free educational week highlighting top presenters providing insight, tactics and best practices on optimizing your donor experience.

Who is it for : Seasoned and novice nonprofit professionals.

When : September 23-27th, 2019

Where : 100% online

Why : Donor Experience Week is all about actionable content. Each presentation has clear learning outcomes and will cover specific topics you can implement in your organization. Presentations will include valuable content supported by case studies, examples, and walk-throughs.

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Whether online or offline, donor behaviors are constantly changing; The methods that brought in donations last year, might not work today. Donor engagement is a challenge nonprofits face every day, the constant sense of urgency we are confronted with in our work makes it difficult to adapt our strategies to this fast-changing environment.

Technological change has made it easier to access the wisdom of experts and benefit from the experience of our peers. Donor Experience Week is designed to help.

In an effort to make nonprofit-specific knowledge accessible, fundraising experts and nonprofit professionals are joining forces to deliver a free week of educational content. The goal is to equip impact-makers around the world with the skills to create the best donor experience.

What is it?

Donor Experience week is a series of free capacity-building webinars open to both seasoned and novice professionals who want to increase their level of impact. A total of 10 online webinars will take place over 5 days (September 23-27th). Attendees will get exclusive access to valuable insights from world-class experts on how to engage and retain donors. Thought leaders like Beth Kanter,Lori L. Jacobwithand Amy Eisenstein will present at this event, sharing their knowledge, best practices and experience. Other presenters includeErica Waasdorp, Brady Josephson, Nejeed Kassam, and Ashley Pettifer.

Strengthen your donor relationships

Donor engagement is all about building meaningful relationships. Donor Experience Week is all about actionable content on how best to build these relationships. Each presentation has clear learning outcomes and will cover specific topics you can implement in your organization. Presentations will include valuable content supported by case studies, examples, and walk-throughs.

Here’s a little taste of what you’ll get:

How to bring in monthly donors and keep them happy

Monthly giving offers a steady and predictable source of funding. How can you make a stronger appeal for recurring donations? It doesn’t take much more work than asking for one-time donations, but you do need a different fundraising approach. At Donor Experience week, you’ll learn about the best strategies to attract, acquire, cultivate and reward recurring donors.

Optimize your donation pages, make it easier for donors to give

With more and more donations happening online, you want to make sure you offer the best online giving experience to your donors. If your donation page is difficult to navigate and inconvenient for donors, you’re probably losing many potential opportunities. Simple changes on your donation pages can have a huge impact on your fundraising results.

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Using data analytics to strengthen your donor relationships

There are endless amounts of data to gather and track and numerous tools you can use to organize this data. Where should you start to get the most out of the limited time you have? Making data driven decisions is critical to effectively growing your organization and is something that those in the nonprofit sector have been talking about for years. Now it’s time to actually go about it! We will show you where to start.

The future of fundraising

The fourth wave of the industrial revolution is upon us – big data and artificial intelligence. These new technological tools will offer great opportunities for the nonprofit sector. It means more automation for manual tasks, and more time for fundraisers to focus on personal connection. Some organizations are already taking advantage of it. Donor Experience Week will give you an overview of the many possibilities new technology can offer you and your organization.

Let’s wrap it up. Why should you attend Donor Experience Week?

  • It’s free.
  • It delivers content from world-class experts and professionals from the sector.
  • It’s a great opportunity to connect with nonprofits around the world.
  • You can attend from the comfort of your home or office, all you need is your computer.
  • You can engage directly with industry experts and thought leaders in the question and answer section.
  • You can become a thought leader in your organization bringing learned insights to your team.
  • To get inspired!
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