Impact is Better Together

Philip Manzano • Feb 24, 2017

When you believe in “together” you believe in accessibility for all The post Impact is Better Together appeared first on Keela.

My name is Nejeed Kassam and I work for a tech company called Keela.

We build tools that help nonprofits reach their fullest potential, empowering them to positively impact the greatest number of people possible.

Keela literally means every or all  (in Swahili, sometimes spelled kila). It’s not a brand tactic, it’s not a gimmick. It’s a guiding principle. Together is how we start our days at the office. Together is how we solve problems. Together is how we work with our nonprofits to create meaningful and lasting change in the community. And when you believe in together , you believe in accessibility for all.

Taking note of recent events, we have seen the notion of accessibility and equality being challenged. We’ve seen how it impacts those who are most vulnerable. We’ve seen how it makes people feel defeated. But it’s this type of story that fuels our passion and our purpose, as as individuals, as a team, and as a company. And while we all, too often, seem to fixate on the struggles, the pain, the imperfection — at Keela, we see all of the bravery, the persistence, and the love. And all I have to do is look up from my desk to see it.

Every person that works for Keela has a fire to do good. It burns in each of us, and when we see injustice or policies that fly in the face of equality, we work even harder. We push, we fight, we innovate, we build. We create tech-based solutions with industry experts and provide these solutions to those who are on the frontlines. We empower nonprofits to continue fighting the good fight, and to continue changing the world.

Impact is always better together.

I am proud to work for a company that promotes #EqualityforAll. We stand with you.

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Nejeed Kassam is the CEO and founder of  Keela . He was educated at McGill University (B.A.) and Osgoode Hall Law School (JD). Called to the Ontario Bar in 2015, Nejeed is the founder and former director of End Poverty Now and Conversations for Change. Nejeed is a global innovator with experience working for the United Nations and the Senate of Canada. He is the author of the book ‘High on Life’ (foreword written by former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien) and the co-producer of the documentary, ‘Conversations for Change’.  Nejeed is currently a member of the Toronto Global Shapers (World Economic Forum) and a fellow at the Royal Society of the Arts in the UK.