International Students’ Day

Philip Manzano • Nov 17, 2017

On International Students’ Day, we celebrate our organizations and everyone working to educate the sector! The post International Students’ Day appeared first on Keela.

Happy International Students’ Day!

On November 17, we celebrate the student community!

And at Keela, we feel like we get to celebrate them everyday because of the amazing work our nonprofit partners do with students daily.

Organizations like She Jumps and Brave Initiatives are constantly empowering young female students to build up their skills, and their confidence at the same time. They are constantly showing the value of education as a tool for positive impact. It’s such an inspiration to work with educators and youth mentors.

But that got us thinking — maybe youth aren’t the only people we should be thinking of today.  Afterall, we’re all students.

Building the capacity of the sector is an important part of the work. Whether it is talking about how to raise more money on Giving Tuesday , how to land your next grant , or trying to determine whether or not your nonprofit really needs a CRM. We are constantly looking for the best way to improve the sector and help people work smarter. Most of these helpful resources can be found on Keela’s blog. But this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Our friends at other companies are constantly looking to develop helpful resources to strengthen the sector that we know and love. Leveling up is a process, but it’s easier with some friends. For example, Tech Soup Canada has resources to help you get more design-friendly ! Global Giving put out a checklist to kill stress during your year-end giving cycle !

These are just a few examples of the valuable resources you can get when you look at yourself as a life-long learner.

So a big thank you to all of our nonprofit partners that place a value on education. And a big thank you to all those organizations that continually educate the sector. Let’s keep learning!