Keela 2.0: Why, What’s New, What this Means for You

Nejeed Kassam • Jan 22, 2020
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The new year is about new beginnings—the possibility of what could be and what will come. And while Keela’s journey isn’t new, I’m very excited to share with you that we are about to embark on the next chapter.

It is with overflowing excitement that we announce today’s launch of Keela 2.0—a better, more powerful, easier-to-use product that we are confident will revolutionize the way nonprofits operate. 

Keela 2.0 is the culmination of passion, exciting innovation, and tens of thousands of hours of hard work. Most importantly Keela 2.0 was created by you, the nonprofit sector. It’s been shaped by our customers, by fundraisers and executive directors, and by board members and external advisors.  They say it takes a village to raise a child… what I’ve learned, is it also takes a village— our village and our community—to build an industry-changing product.

This amazing new suite of tools has been built out, tested, and perfected by our amazing team of developers, data scientists, marketers, and mettlers to help all of you to work better, save more time, engage your volunteers better, and raise more money—ultimately, supporting the inspiring work that you do in communities all across the world. 

How’d we do it?

To begin this process we went to you—our users—and listened. We listened to how you worked and how you used technology. You told us your dreams of how software could make your life easier, not harder. We analyzed thousands of suggestions, comments, and help tickets. We user-tested with you to understand your behavior in the app and, slowly, began to learn what a product could do to change your work for the better and turn those dreams into reality.

But we didn’t stop there… we couldn’t. One of our defining values at Keela is innovation; everyone on our team dreams about possibilities and how to think about problems (and solutions) in creative and imaginative ways. Our building of Keela 2.0 was no different. Working with so many amazing organizations around the world, we have a unique opportunity to listen to the challenges and pain points of our sector. 

We listened, and listened, and listened some more. And then we dreamed right alongside you. We asked ourselves (and continue to ask ourselves every day), how can we solve frustrations felt by so many of the amazing folks working in the sector. Even when it felt impossible, we kept pushing ourselves to think differently, to explore alternate perspectives, and to find solutions we hadn’t ever considered before (even when they seemed absurdly out-of-the-box). 

What resulted was a paradigm shift for us at Keela and the beginning of a new chapter in our history. Our thesis is simple: Keela’s tools should be intelligent. They should help us all work more effectively, more efficiently, and … smarter!

And so, with the launch of Keela 2.0, we are excited to announce the most important addition to our technology: Keela Intelligence

Keela Intelligence is exciting, it’s powerful, and most importantly, it’s integral to our mission to help our customers work both better and smarter.

Keela Intelligence encapsulates our analytics, reporting, and business intelligence tools, which are embedded directly into the software and are built specifically to support the amazing work being done by all of you.

Keela 2.0 makes it possible to predict the future… sort of!

Keela 2.0 is so much the same, and yet entirely different. Of course, the functionality you loved from Keela 1.0 still exists in the tools – but we’ve made it so much better. The features are more intuitive, prettier, and have much more depth of functionality.

The addition of Keela Intelligence will also help you better understand your data to make better decisions. In some ways, it will help you understand what’s going to happen – with awesome insights like how much to ask from a donor, what time of year to solicit a donation, or what campaigns a donor might be interested in. In others, it will help you benchmark against the sector. Keela’s proprietary KPI/Benchmark tools will allow you to set specific goals, share best practices, and then help you track your progress and reinforce positive accountability. 

To do this, Keela combined our in-house knowledge of the sector with a lot of research. The tech we’ve built is powerful, but not complicated, and even includes the use of Artificial Intelligence – which is pretty amazing! And while it may sound a little scary, I promise, it’s not; with privacy as our top concern (and as a lawyer, I have made sure we pay fastidious detail to protecting donor data), we are using machine learning to help develop predictions and insights. 

We are confident that the result of all of our hard work will be a driving force, not only for your fundraising efforts, but also in how you understand the relationships with your contacts. Keela Intelligence will help you deepen those relationships and give you insight into how to engage your community most effectively!

Our Promise to You!

Uber has changed how we drive. Skip the Dishes has changed how we eat. So much has changed how we live our lives. At Keela, we believe it’s time that every nonprofit is given access to the powerful technology that empowers you to work to the best of your abilities. 

We believe Keela 2.0 is that tool – software that will work with you to constantly help you get better and support you, every day. We’re not out to revolutionize your work; we simply believe nonprofit technology needs to be better and that it must be your co-pilot, wherever you plan on flying. 

I am not a technologist. I am the user. I run a nonprofit now, and I’ve run nonprofits in the past. While I’m not super tech-savvy, what I do appreciate is technology built the right way, the human way, and used for the right reasons… to positively change lives. 

We want Keela to do that for you.

I guess there’s only one question left to ask: Are you ready to let Keela 2.0 be your co-pilot? ✈️

About the author:

Nejeed Kassam is Keela’s CEO. 

Nejeed is also the founder of the Better Canada Initiative, and former executive director of both End Poverty Now and Conversations for Change. He has experience working for the United Nations and the Senate of Canada. Nejeed is the author of the book High on Life (foreword written by former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien) and the co-producer of the documentary, Conversations for Change. He currently sits on a number non-profit boards. Outside of work, he is married to the most amazing woman in the world and has had a life long obsession for tennis (he was once ranked 1,746 in the world as a junior!).