Keela Means “All”.

Philip Manzano • Apr 12, 2017

At the core of our business is the belief that everyone deserves an opportunity to make a difference. The post Keela means “all”. appeared first on Keela.

Keela literally means every  or  all  (in Swahili, sometimes spelled kila ).

It’s not a brand tactic or gimmick. It’s a guiding principal. Together is how we start our days at the office. Together is how we solve problems. Together is how we work with our nonprofits to create meaningful and lasting change in the community. And when you believe in together , you believe in accessibility for all.

Keela was founded on the principle that everyone deserves a chance to make a difference. And that starts with having an opportunity to participate in the narrative. For far too long, robust technology has only been available to nonprofits that can afford it. We believe that powerful, integrated solutions should be accessible for all organizations and initiatives—big or small.

“The nonprofit sector is full of inefficiencies. And at Keela, we’re determined to transform the way small nonprofits work, to maximize their impact.”

– Nejeed Kassam, Keela Founder & CEO

The nonprofit sector has always struggled with capacity – whether it is in the form of people, capital or time. So we decided to create tools that help nonprofits work more effectively – tools that are easy to use, and affordable.

Without complicated cost structures or barriers to our features (our lowest price-point gives you access to the full suite of tools), Keela is straightforward about helping nonprofits do good work.

We exist because we love helping you make your mission, possible.

Keela means all – and we invite you to be part of it.