Keeping your Eblasts CASL-Compliant

Philip Manzano • Oct 13, 2017

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Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL) has very specific rules for any organization sending out mass emails. This includes nonprofits with newsletters! By violating these rules, your content could end up in your recipient’s Junk Mail or Spam folders. And that’s not what you want.

The best way to avoid this is by making sure your content has all the elements that you need.


CASL actually requires a few bits of information in each eblast you send:

  • Your name and/or company name
  • Your physical address
  • Your contact information
  • The ability to unsubscribe from the mailing list

How to do it with Keela:

Usually, this information can be found at the bottom on an eblast.

  • On a new campaign eblast, create a Coloured Block
  • Insert Text
  • Write out your Company name, address and contact information
  • Add the smart tag {{{unsubscribe}}} to the bottom.


Once you have all this information, you’re almost there! Now you have to take a look at your mailing list. Was this list put together with implied consent   or expressed consent?

Implied consent:  You gathered contact information and have added these individuals to a mailing list because of their activity.

Expressed consent: You have added an individual to a mailing list because they specifically asked to be placed on that list.

To be CASL compliant, you must have expressed consent.  Be sure to organize an “opt-in” campaign with your current lists. Send a message to your current mail recipients and ask them to opt-in to your mailing list. Add all those who respond positively to a separate list — and use this one moving forward.

Now you have expressed consent. Send away!


The last piece that you’ll need to be CASL compliant is Proof of Consent . The easiest way to do this is to export your opt-in list, and keep it on file. By doing this, you now have a back up of all the individuals who have opted into your mailing list, should you ever need it.

Sending out beautiful eblasts is simple with Keela. Backed with metrics and useful insights, you will be able to delve deeper into your contacts, and understand what makes them tick!