Mission: Possible

Philip Manzano • May 09, 2017

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For love of the cause

When you look around the room at Keela HQ, one thing will become painfully evident: these people care . The team is made up of passionate community advocates and seasoned nonprofit professionals. And they all work tirelessly to ensure that the sector they know and love is well-equipped to face the peaks and valleys of their frontline work.

Like you, we’re driven by our cause . We want to make sure that nonprofits can spend less time on administrative tasks, and more time on the life-saving, community-building, world-changing work that their donors expect of them.

Keela was built by nonprofit professionals, for nonprofit professionals.

Bay Area Housing Corporation  uses Keela to help them achieve their mission of improving the lives of people with developmental disabilities through quality housing opportunities.

Mission: Possible

Your mission is an important part of your organization. It’s the North Star that your team follows. It outlines not only what you do, but how you do it. And, in some cases, it defines the success or failure of your work.

Your mission is precisely the reason that everyone in the sector works so hard. We see you burning the midnight oil, wearing three (or four , or  five..) different hats just to make sure the work gets done. We see you fighting uphill battles of red tape, policy, and skepticism. And what’s more — we praise you for it. None of that effort is possible without an overwhelming belief that your mission is within reach — however big, hairy and audacious it may be.

And even though this is what the picture looks like right now — it doesn’t mean we can’t make the landscape a bit easier to traverse. Keela provides powerfully simple tools to help nonprofits do good work.  When it comes to accomplishing your mission of helping the community, you need all the time you can spare. By educating the sector about the power of technology, and creating tools that are affordable – we are democratizing the nonprofit technology space so that everyone has a chance to make a difference. Even the little guy.

The saying that time is money  holds true. And with Keela, you’ll save a lot of both.