Announcing the launch of Keela’s Nonprofit Consultant Directory

Melissa Bilko • Mar 05, 2020
nonprofit consultant directory

Introducing Keela’s Consultant Directory

Finding the right help or advice when building a nonprofit can be the difference between a thriving success and closing your doors for good. 

Choosing a consultant can help you achieve your organization’s goals. However, finding the right consultant takes time. Some organizations choose to draft up lengthy Request For Proposal’s (RFPs), while others choose to scour the internet for hours on end. Others simply “don’t have the time” and forge ahead hoping they are on the right path.

This is why we are excited to announce the launch of Keela’s Consultant Directory. Our goal is to create the sector’s most comprehensive, yet easy to navigate, consultant directory. We have vetted all the listed consultants and partners, tagged their areas of expertise and provided a simple description of who they are and what they can offer your organization.

Keela’s Consultant Directory – For Nonprofits

If you’re a nonprofit organization, here’s how Keela can help you:

  • We spent countless hours compiling a list of all the top consultants in the sector in order to save you valuable time.
  • We built a robust directory that allows you to sort by location, specialization, certification and a host of other preferences so you can find the consultant that is the right fit for you. 
  • BONUS: Feel overwhelmed by all the choices? We developed a matching program where we will match you with a consultant according to your unique needs. Let us do the work, so you can focus on your mission.
  • Our consultant directory is 100% free for you AND the consultant. We are here to grow the community, grow nonprofits, and do more good.

Keela’s Consultant Directory – For Consultants

If you’re a nonprofit consultant or service provider, here’s what should intrigue you about our program:

  • You can expand your reach and increase your SEO by creating a listing on our reputable directory alongside many other vetted nonprofit consultants.
  • You will have the opportunity to: 
  • Get matched with a nonprofit organization and provide your expert knowledge or service.
  • Get in front of our audience by participating in our webinar series, case studies, or blog.
  • Offer regular Keela discounts to your clients as one of our valued partners. 
  • The entire service is FREE. Why you might ask? We want to help grow nonprofits so they can grow their impact. If they learn about Keela’s amazing software in the process, then great. If not, we helped someone do “more good” along the way. In the end, everyone wins.

So what is the difference between having a listing on our Consultant Directory and being a partner?

Keela has launched a Partner Program and while we would love it if you joined, it’s not a requirement for creating a profile on our Consultant Directory. However, all the Keela partners who choose to add their profile to our Consultant Directory will be listed as a Gold or Silver consultant, depending on their partnership level. 

How can you become a Keela partner?

Whether you’re a consulting firm that wants to provide services for current and prospective Keela clients or you’re a Keela enthusiast who wants to be rewarded for referring your clients to Keela, the new Partner Program provides you with an opportunity to grow your consulting firm while helping nonprofits with their mission.

Learn more about Keela’s new Partner Program or sign-up to become a partner today.


Looking for a Keela partner to help grow your organization? Visit our Partner Directory or contact us at

About the author:

As Keela’s Head of Community Engagement, Mel leads the team by building strategic partnerships with thought leaders, nonprofit agencies, and service providers in the sector. She also helps run our KeeLabs webinar series! Mel is very passionate about educating the sector on the importance of utilizing technology to create a bigger impact, and cannot wait to share her knowledge with you.