Introducing Pledges on Keela

Philip Manzano • Oct 22, 2018

You can now track pledges on Keela

Pledges are a useful tool for nonprofits to build fundraising campaigns around commitments or promised funds. Our Pledges feature will help you capture those commitments by giving you a convenient place to store the pledge information on your contact’s profile, and help you keep track of progress by connecting the pledge with donation and revenue payments that you log in Keela.

Pledges on Keela will help you do a few things. Most notably:

•   Create a Pledge record  to track funding commitments

•  Add a note to your Pledge to record important details

•   Add payment installments  to record how the Pledge will be fulfilled

•   Log payments for your Pledge  by linking Donation and Revenue records

•  View the total amounts received and outstanding to track fulfillment progress

•   Change the status of the Pledge to ongoing, completed or cancelled

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“Regular interactions with members of our donor community are essential to build up community goodwill and trust in our non-profit.  However, limited staff resources means we need to be strategic where we invest our time. Keela’s ability to track when members of our community pledge to give at a later date is key to help our staff follow-up when most effective, save time and achieve peace-of-mind.

–  Bryan Falcon, Artistic Director, The Scoundrel and Scamp Theater

What’s an example of a use case for Pledges?

Giving Tuesday is just around the corner. It falls right after Black Friday and Cyber Monday — two of the busiest days of the year when it comes to spending. So there is a challenge getting people to donate. But it’s also the start of the holiday season when people are feeling a bit more charitable. As a nonprofit, a good way to capitalize on this would be to take advantage of pledges.

By creating a pledge campaign, you can encourage potential donors to commit a certain amount of dollars to your organization, without requiring those donations be made upfront. This could potentially make it easier for individuals to make contributions to your team.

With Keela’s Pledges, you will have a place to track all of these commitments and see how far you are from fulfilling each goal.

What’s next?

Our team is committed to making sure you have success with this new feature — and we spent time detailing how to get the most out of the integration. Simply  visit our Help Centre to read more about Pledges !

Our Pledges feature will continue to get deeper, with added functionality. And we can’t wait to roll it out to you!

Keep doing good!

Learn more about Pledges on Keela


What is a pledge?

A pledge is a promised contribution towards an organization, to be fulfilled over a set period of time. An example of this would be an Annual Fundraising campaign that wraps up on December 31st. Individuals can pledge to contribute a certain amount by the end of the campaign.

How does a pledge differ from a recurring donation?

Pledges are promised donations over a set period of time — there are set parameters for the gift. Recurring donations are a series of gifts given repeatedly on an open-ended schedule. Recurring gifts also don’t necessarily have a commitment on the part of the donor.

What can I link to a pledge?

After you have created a pledge, you are able to link donations and other revenues to that pledge. Linking donations and other revenues to a pledge will help you keep track of all the contributions, and accurately identify when a pledge goal has been successfully met.