Nonprofit Spring Cleaning

Philip Manzano • Mar 21, 2017
Nonprofit Spring Cleaning

Believe it or not, but it’s the first day of spring! I know it may not feel like it outside, but before you know it, those flowers will be in full bloom.

Whenever spring comes around, people often start thinking about new beginnings. It’s a time to reflect on what you’ve been doing for the year (or maybe even longer than that), and a time to de-clutter. It’s a time to make improvements.

Your nonprofits should do some spring cleaning as well.

There are a few things that people choose to look at when this time of year comes around:

Cleaning out the closest.

Often a daunting task merely because of the size of the job, cleaning out the closet is a huge thing to do. But there are undoubtedly things in there that you haven’t even touched in months – or even years. Finally doing this task not only clears space, but it helps you think more clearly about what you really want in your closet – it might even help you clarify why that item of clothing didn’t work for you. What’s the closet in your nonprofit? Think about your constituents and contacts. These massive lists that are often compiled, and interacted with on some sort of database or CRM system. There’s a ton in there!

And, without a doubt, you will find some contacts in there that you haven’t engaged with in a while – and that goes vice versa as well! Take some time this spring to take a look at those relationships and ask some serious questions:

  • Why don’t we talk to this contact anymore?
  • Why hasn’t this contact been more engaged with us?
  • Does this contact fit with our organization’s target market?
  • Is this contact a duplicate?

Just like sitting in front of a pile of clothes in the closet – this process will take some time. But it’s a worthwhile process!

Nonprofit Spring Cleaning

Dusting the house.

Dust has a way of just piling up – and seemingly out of no where! One day you can swear that the TV monitor is clean, and the next, have a layer of dust blocking you from your favourite show. When it’s something that’s gradual, you don’t notice right away. But a quick flick of the wrist will help to clean it right up.

Often, our websites can get this way. We spend a lot of time building our website, and then far less time maintaining it. But think about just how important your website is. This is often the place where people decide whether or not to support your cause. It’s a place to communicate what you do, how you do it, and why it’s important to support you. That’s HUGE!

Take some time to review your webpages, and calls to action. Make sure that they still fit your organization objectives. Take a look at the analytics of the landing pages, and figure out if there needs to be a change. It’s just a bit of upkeep – but it’s so worth it!

Throw out the junk.

Junk just has a way of piling up in the house. Whether it’s those doodads that you don’t use anymore, or pieces of mail that you never quite get to. Yes, it might take a bit of effort to lug all of those items to the curb, but you’ll feel great once you do it.

Working in a nonprofit can be a bit hectic. And we often look for the cheapest options to help us do our jobs. That means a lot of subscriptions and free trials to a ton of different apps and tools. And while it’s helpful to have these tools at our fingertips – we might not be using everything. Sometimes a less is more approach is best.

Take some time this spring to make an audit of all the technology you’re using. This is a great process to go through:

  • Do you still use this? If not, get rid of it.
  • Does this tool do anything similar to another tool I have? Can I just use one of them? If yes, then consolidate and get rid of one account.
  • Does this tool help my nonprofit succeed?

Going through these steps may seem like common sense – but they are steps that are often missed. Once you’ve done your audit, and have cleared out some of the junk, you can do one more check to make sure that there are no more gaps.

Make room for something new.

Spring is also a time for something new. I mean.. You’ve gotta do something with all that space you just made, right?

Take some time this spring to take a look at everything your organization has worked on. Focus on optimizing your processes and working more efficiently. Look for tools that do more , while still costing less .

If you’re organization is ready for a change – take a serious look at Keela. Our all-in-one nonprofit management software is an affordable option that doesn’t compromise on power. It’s easy to look at, simple to use and will empower your organization. Donations, contacts, campaigns and projects – all in one place!