NTEN Sessions Moved Online

David Schuman • Mar 17, 2020

Here are some NTEN speaker sessions – Presented Digitally

The NTEN community forum has been exploding with an outpouring of love and innovation.

We are not alone in wanting to bring the canceled nten sessions to the public.

As governments take action to squash the curve of the Covid-19 outbreak, individuals and organizations alike are turning to technology to facilitate interpersonal communication. 

Zoom, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, Slack, and so many more platforms are at our disposal.

We may be socially distant – but our spirit, ideas, and heart need not be similarly isolated.

The sessions outlined below are going to be shared online for your education, empowerment, and enjoyment.

* We will update this page as more events and webinars are announced.

1. Plugged In : Nonprofit Tech and Transformation

Keela is hosting a grassroots digital conference that is gathering the likes of Beth Kanter, Julia Campbell, Ria Sankar, and more across three days full days of lessons and learning.

Nine full NTEN speaking sessions, three lunch and learns, and morning meditation and yoga sessions are available for you to pick and choose from. (We suggest registering for all, and early)  

Save your spot now

2. “52 Tweaks in 52 Weeks to a better Nonprofit Website”

Chris Tuttle is hosting his NTEN speaker session alongside co-presenter Dominique Hernandez on Zoom.

Learn how to take your website to new heights of reach, engagement, and conversions with small tweaks that can be implemented over time.

Register for this session and receive actionable insights here

3. “30 Ad Grant Tips in 30 Minutes”

Jason King is giving you the tips and tricks you need, rapid fire. 

Get the lowdown on dynamic and responsive search ads for increased relevancy and personalization. Structure your snippets. Check your quality score. And so, so much more.

Notes and tutorial links provided! 

Sit back and enjoy the show live on March 24th at 10 am PST.

4. Made Talks

Jay Kesavan and his teams from Made Talks and Bowery Analytics are providing a platform for presenters to lead their sessions digitally! 

Sessions include:

  • “Team-Care, not Self-Care: Building Resiliency in an Era of Burnout” which will be hosted by Susan Comfort and Tyecia Powell.
  • “A Q&A about Selecting and Implementing CRM’s” with noted silly hat enthusiast, game designer and nonprofit guru, Isaac Shalev.
  • “Before Data Visualization – How to Get Your Data in Place?”

Dates and times for the above are still to be determined, but you can check out the site for more information here

5. Mobilize

Mobilize, is hosting their two speaking sessions via zoom!

  • “No Money, More Problems: Driving Donations Through Better Volunteer Experiences” 

Learn how to convert volunteers who give their time into donors who give financially, here

  • “Don’t Flake Out: The High Cost of Free Labor”. 

Learn how to minimize volunteer flakiness and no shows with an actionable plan here.

6. “Bring ’Em Back: Planning and Managing Email Re-Engagement Campaigns”

Keen to reconnect with some old friends? How about some old donors to your organization? The Firefly Partners team using Zoom to host their session on re-engagment campaigns on Thursday, April 2 @ 2pm EST. 

Register here 

7. Digital Inclusion Connect

Type along in this Interactive Google Doc which will take place of an NTEN discussion on Digital Inclusion, organized by Emily Weinberg The Document will be available for editing between March 23 and March 26. You can participate here