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Community Spotlight: Pillar Nonprofit Network

Keela has recently teamed up with Pillar Nonprofit Network. With this partnership, we’re looking to arm nonprofits of all sizes, big or small, with the tools they need to do their best work and to expand their impact!

Saying Thank You

It’s so important to keep saying thank you. Here are some of the best ways we’ve learned how.

10 Steps to a Great Campaign Email

Email marketing doesn’t have to be boring. It also doesn’t have to be difficult. Use our quick tips to create compelling content that your contacts will want to keep reading.

Easing the Ache of Staff Turnover

Losing and retraining staff is an inevitable but time consuming part of running a nonprofit. We asked some experts how they cope and continue to move forward when faced with ongoing turnover.

Mastering the Art of Team Buy-In

Give proposed organizational changes their best chance of survival with these strategies that help encourage and foster team buy-in.