What’s your communication style?

Everyone communicates a little differently and awareness and empathy are the best ways to ensure we all get the most out of any kind of communication. There are four styles of communication and each one tends to appreciate specific elements. For example, some styles tend to communicate more slowly because they are more thorough in their analysis. While other styles move quickly, valuing the decision and action above the analysis. Both can be valuable in certain situations or cause friction in other situations. Understanding your style, when your tendencies are a strength and when they are a blindspot, will make you a better team player. When a decision must be both fast AND accurate, make sure you ask people with different styles to weigh in. This has proven to ensure the best decisions are made.

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Then, download this guide to learn what your preferred communication style(s), strengths and blindspots are, as well as how to adjust your communication style to work better with people of different styles.