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Simplifying Nonprofit Management: Why Keela’s All-In-One Platform is the Solution for Fight Colorectal Cancer

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Fight Colorectal Cancer (Fight CRC) is a nonprofit organization advocating for research and support for colorectal cancer patients and their families. In 2022, they recognized the need for a comprehensive donor management tool to streamline their fundraising efforts and deepen donor engagement. 

After an extensive search for the right solution, Fight CRC chose Keela as the platform to help them achieve their goals.

Keela’s Integrations Have Streamlined Fight CRC’s Operations

One of the key reasons Fight CRC chose Keela was because they were looking for an all-in-one platform that integrates with other common nonprofit tools. They were struggling with having scattered data across multiple platforms and were looking to gain a fulsome view of their donors.

With Keela, Fight CRC was able to save money by removing multiple different software programs that they were using at their organization including: 

A group of Fight Colorectal Cancer members.

In addition to replacing some of their existing software platforms, Fight CRC was also able to increase their efficiency and better understand their donors by integrating several of their operational platforms through Keela’s integrations including: 

Quickbooks Online

Fight CRC is now able to sync transactions from Quickbooks into Keela to accurately track their financials. 


Fight CRC can ease some of their administrative burden by integrating Keela with Gmail and Outlook, allowing them to see key donor insights without leaving their email, assign tasks in their coworkers calendars, and track donor interactions.


Fight CRC is also using Keela’s Zapier integration to streamline information from several of their platforms into Keela including Mighty Networks to build their community and Ujoin for their advocacy work.

By migrating all of their operations to Keela, Fight CRC was able to simplify their work processes and save time and resources.

Onboarding Made Easy: Fight CRC’s Experience Moving from Salesforce to Keela

During the onboarding process, Fight CRC received exceptional customer service from Keela’s team, who provided personalized support every step of the way. The platform’s user-friendly interface made it easy for the Fight CRC team to navigate and quickly realize the benefits of the tools provided.

Not only did Keela meet and exceed Fight CRC’s needs from a business objective, but the team also felt a warm welcome from smiling faces in the sales and prospecting process. The onboarding process was seamless and personalized, with Keela’s customer success team providing support every step of the way.

The intuitive platform was easy to navigate, and the team at Fight CRC quickly saw how they could increase revenue, develop deeper relationships with their constituents, and raise more for their cause using Keela’s tools. With Keela’s embedded donation buttons, Fight CRC can securely accept donations without redirecting donors to another platform, making their donation process seamless and straightforward.

The team at Fight CRC was particularly impressed with Keela’s built-in communication tools, which allow them to segment, target, and personalize their donor outreach through email and direct mail campaigns. This feature will help Fight CRC deepen their donor engagement and build stronger relationships with their supporters.

A group of Fight Colorectal Cancer members

The Fight CRC team has already started to move everything over to Keela’s software, and they look forward to continuing to use the platform to make a real impact on the colorectal cancer community. With Keela’s user-friendly platform and exceptional customer service, they are confident that they will continue to have a positive experience and achieve their fundraising goals.

If you’re interested in learning more about Fight Colorectal Cancer and their mission, click here

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Simplify Nonprofit Management with Keela Today

With tools to streamline your nonprofit’s fundraising and donor communications and a world-class customer care team excited to guide you every step of the way, scaling your organization’s growth with Keela has never been easier.

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