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We spent at least 6 hours to create our monthly donations receipts. With Keela I was so amazed that all you have to do is 4 or 5 clicks and there is your receipt. It’s such a great time saver!

It’s such a great time saver!

Lorraine Winchester, Operations Manager
Backpack Buddies

Keela improved our fundraising strategy


Keela improved our fundraising strategy


Stephanie Connolly, Executive Director
Mom to Mom Child Poverty Initiative Society

Keela helps us have sincere and timely communication with donors. I can see donations come in, in real-time, and respond to donors appropriately.

Our online donations have become much simpler — both for the donor and for our record keeping and payment processing. Recurring donations are so much easier now with Keela!

— Julie Vargo, Director of Finance
Amargosa Conservancy

The contacts database is great – it’s easy to use, searchable, updates donations automatically, allows the team to stay up to date on who is assigned to the individual and events involving the individual.

— Angela Rosenberg, President
Angari Foundation

It is so easy to use! From the project management to running fundraising campaigns and eBlasts we have been able to do things with little to no learning curve. Customer Support is top notch!

— Kymberly Prouty, Executive Assistant
Bay Area Housing Corporation

80% growth for online donations


Linda Leung, Operations & Finance Chair
Women and Youth Supporting Each Other

Having the customized and branded donation page embedded to our website with Keela has been super helpful. 90% of our donations are now made online!

80% growth for online donations


Keela provides easy classification tools to group our donors. It evens lets us analyze and compartmentalize data as we choose. We LOVE the donation tracking and integration capabilities.

— Javier Castro, Operations Manager
Patton Veterans Project

We love the development team’s commitment to improving. We’ve suggested things we’d like to see and really love the individual attention we get from our customer service representative.

— Sarah Ottley, Executive Director
Adventure Risk Challenge

It allows us to manage all our stakeholders in one place! Including donors, volunteers, e-news subscribers and event participants. And the customer service is THE BEST I’ve ever experienced.

— Annastasia Forst, Managing Director
Writers’ Exchange

More leverage from our email marketing budget


More leverage from our email marketing budget


Amanda Snow, Fund Development Coordinator
Thrive Community Youth Network

We switched over to Keela’s Campaign tool for our newsletter and Eblasts. Now we can react to how our donors respond by creating new, targeted messages. Saving us time and reduces stress.

Saving 160+ hours per year with Keela

Steve Coombe, Vice President of the Board
Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra

Keela helped us eliminate workflow redundancies and reduced our five hour process down to one hour after each event. This saves us over 160 hours of staff and volunteer time per year.

Saving 160+ hours per year with Keela


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