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Keela Case Study: Matanya’s Hope

Matanya’s Hope is a nonprofit organization based in Northern Illinois focused on eradicating poverty by offering educational support to young people in Kenya.

The Need for Robust Technology

A large part of Matanya’s Hope’s work was organized around their remote projects in East Africa. All communication regarding project schedules, participant progress, and task identification was conducted either verbally or through email. The only central location for project progress information was with the executive director who was primarily responsible for all active program delivery initiatives.

As Matanya’s Hope began to grow, they successfully added numerous “virtual volunteers” and the need for an easily accessible online hub became apparent. The old system became too labor intensive and did not allow for the transfer of critical project history and details without a lengthy exchange of information to a new collaborator. This was both time-consuming and inefficient. Therefore, it became clear that Matanya’s Hope needed an affordable and robust communication, project, and campaign management system to address remote and complex organizational needs

Why Keela?

Matanya’s Hope chose Keela due to its affordability, accessibility, and the ability to manage projects from any location worldwide.

What appealed to me the most about Keela was the ability to manage projects on-line and from any location, worldwide. We currently have volunteers in Maryland, North Carolina, Central Indiana and the Chicagoland area as well as Nairobi, Kenya. The volunteers can all log into Keela and view communications between project members and see details about tasks that they are assigned to complete.

– Bob Selent, Matanya’s Hope


The project management function allows our nationally disbursed volunteers to stay on track with task progress. The CRM function is looked to be the cornerstone of all future email campaigns.


As new volunteers come on board we require them to go through the Keela demo as part of the on-boarding process. The discussions among project members within Keela has allowed the inclusion of a new member to obtain a wealth of project background information in a short time.


We are expanding our use of Keela to perform email campaigns. Keela is our launch pad to provide prospective donors timely communications of our organization’s needs, critical student issues and success stories to share.


Keela is a way to plug into an infrastructure built for virtual collaboration. As volunteers become more geographically disbursed (as in our case, us to Africa), We need a platform to establish, communicate, and track progress. Keela provides it.

– Bob Selent, Matanya’s Hope

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