Keela: The Perfect DonorPerfect Alternative

Every nonprofit organization, from the tiny, bootstrapped startup working on a brand new cause to the huge, multinational fundraising juggernaut trying to save the whales, needs a way to manage donor information.

You can try and do it manually with spreadsheets, but that is far from the best way to approach donor management. It’s better to use cloud-based donor management software to organize your donor contacts, raise money, and communicate with your supporters.

A quick search of the options available will reveal that DonorPerfect is on nearly every list of recommended CRMs for nonprofits. But, is DonorPerfect perfect for your organization?

While perfection may be subjective, and DonorPerfect certainly has its fair share of enthusiasts, it also has some underlying imperfections that you ought to know about before making this important decision. 

Let’s take a look at how DonorPerfect compares to Keela.

What is DonorPerfect?

Like Keela, DonorPerfect is a donor management platform that can be accessed via a tab in your preferred browser. Its CRM includes a suite of tools that help with fundraising, marketing, donor communications, data collection, and more. With no software to install and no servers to worry about, cloud-based platforms like this have become the industry standard.

DonorPerfect makes it easier for you to learn about your donors and potential donors, communicate with them, solicit donations, and manage the ongoing operation of your organization.

Who Uses DonorPerfect?

Like any donor management system, DonorPerfect is used mainly by nonprofit organizations that need to stay in close contact with their donors. 

Activities like donor engagement and fundraising are made easier using a donor management platform like DonorPerfect, especially when compared to the old days of calling or direct mailing everyone on your list. 

Keep in mind that donor management platforms are generally less useful for organizations with very few contacts or don’t fundraise online. That said, with Keela Starter, nonprofit organizations with up to 250 records can take advantage of the core features that have helped our users secure 46% more fundraising revenue in their first using Keela. 

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DonorPerfect and Keela

On the surface, DonorPerfect and Keela offer similar features, including email marketing, data collection and analysis, online donation tools, integrations with useful third-party apps, and more. 

Both platforms offer accounts for unlimited users, which is handy if you have a big team. And as mentioned above, both services are cloud-based—meaning you don’t have to download software or pay a huge amount upfront as you used to if you needed to use Photoshop for five minutes back in the day. 

Similarities aside, there are some understated but significant shortcomings in DonorPerfect’s platform that help make choosing between DonorPerfect and Keela an easy decision. Let’s pop the hood and take a gander.

PricingStarts at $89 CAD/$99 USD per monthStarts at $129 CAD/$99 USD per month
FundraisingFully customizable donation forms are available in all subscription plansFully customizable donation forms are available as an add-on in select subscription plans
Email MarketingEmail marketing tools are built into the softwareRequires a Contact Contact integration, which is an additional fee
ReportingUses artificial intelligence to calculate KPIs and draw insights about donors and campaigns, and create comprehensive reports
Reporting features are available in all subscription packages
Includes a report builder and requires integration with SmartAnalytics to draw insights
Reporting features are available in select subscription packages
AutomationYou can automate email communications, update to-do lists and donor data, send staff alerts, and create workflows with Keela AutomationYou can automate email communication, data updates, task assignments, and staff alerts with DonorPerfect’s SmartActions
Wealth ScreeningIntegrates with DonorSearchIntegrates with  DonorSearch
SupportUnlimited Email support is included in all subscription plans
Premium Care with Unlimited Phone, Email, and Live Chat support starts at $60 per month for all subscription plans.
Unlimited Chat support is included in all subscription plans
Additional Phone and Email Support starts at $99 for premium and enterprise subscription plans

DonorPerfect vs. Keela: Detailed Comparison

Make Smart Decisions with Keela

Keela is designed to grow with you as your nonprofit grows. Our basic plan allows you to take advantage of essential donor management tools so you can attract, delight, and retain more donors and supporters. With easily customizable donation forms, email marketing tools, and fundraising reports, you can position your nonprofit for long-term success with Keela. 

DonorPerfect offers a standard donor management tool for nonprofits. But it falls shorts of being comprehensive with its offerings, particularly when it comes to affordable pricing and smart data insights. On the other hand, Keela offers truly intelligent features designed with your experience in mind, available at every plan level, at a lower price. 

With Keela Automation, you can save time by creating workflows for donor communications, data updates, team tasks, and contact segmentation so you can spend more time acting on the insights that our intelligent tools provide. Like so many of Keela’s features, the smart decision is automatic. 

Keela Integrates with Tools You Use and Love

What are Nonprofit Professionals Saying? 

“We had tried numerous (I forget how many) products previously. I’m ashamed to admit we rarely stayed with one product longer than a year. DonorPerfect. CiviCRM. Salesforce. Blackbaud. Bloomerang. Salsa CRM/Engage. The list goes on. Not sure why – but when we found Keela (I’m not kidding), it was like finding “the one”… From the day we first installed it until the first email campaign, it was under 90 days. And our first email/printed mail campaign has just topped (you’re going to think the company hired me to say this – but they didn’t) $100,000 in income. Our typical email campaigns had been $10,000 or $12,000 prior.”

Douglas L.
Non-Profit Organization Management, 201-500 employees

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