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Montana Nonprofit Association

Montana Nonprofit Association’s mission is to provide leadership for Montana’s nonprofit sector and partner with charitable nonprofits to promote a sustainable, networked, and influential sector.

Montana Nonprofit Association believes Montana’s vitality and livability depend on a thriving nonprofit sector. We are working toward a future where nonprofits have the resources needed to fulfill their missions, are strategically connected with one another and with partners in business and government, and are recognized and celebrated for their contributions to the quality of life in Montana’s communities. 

Founded as a membership association in 2001, MNA achieves its mission through advocacy and public policy, access to affordable products and services, organizational development and training, research and information sharing, and network building. Representing the richness and diversity of Montana’s charitable nonprofit community, MNA’s 670 members address a broad array of missions, come from all four corners of the state and everywhere in between, and range in size from the smallest all-volunteer nonprofits to some of the largest organizations in Montana. 

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