Plugged In: Nonprofit Tech and Transformation

A FREE digital conference about nonprofit technology, from the comfort of your own home.

March 24 – 26 2020 

In light of the heartbreaking cancellation of the NTC conference in Baltimore, a number of grassroots speakers have come together to ensure the continued development and capacity building of the wonderful people in our sector. 

Come join us for a number of interactive sessions from the comfort of your own home. 
You don’t even need purell!

Important: A few words about NTEN

We encourage all attendees to make a donation to NTEN to cover the significant 
financial loss of the #20NTC conference. 

How you can help: 

•    For those who were registered to attend, you may donate your registration fees here
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What is Plugged In all about?

Plugged In

Is your nonprofit plugged in to the latest technology trends? We’ve brought together nine leaders in the nonprofit technology space to ignite your nonprofit’s spark.

Who is it for?

For the nonprofit community. For those who didn’t get to attend NTC. For those who didn’t get to attend AFP Icon. And for all of those who want to learn more about technology.

What you will learn

Learn how to leverage tech to increase fundraising dollars, gain valuable stewardship opportunities, and elevate your impact.

Live the experience

Join a total of nine webinars and three learning sessions over three days, hosted by Keela.

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The Topics

Plugged In is a big opportunity to foster learning, inspiration and provoke conversations that matter to the sector. The webinars will consist of 45 minutes of content and 15 minutes of Q&A, covering 
the information that nonprofits need to keep growing.

Start your mornings with focus and alignment with our session on Meditation and Mindfulness 101, led by Meico Whitlock and Ananda Leeke.

89% of nonprofit professionals believe AI can make their organization more efficient yet almost 80% of nonprofits do not have access to this technology. While AI has the potential to make organizations faster, smarter, and more efficient, its adoption raises challenges. How do we bring big technologies to smaller organizations? More importantly, how do we train these organizations to use AI systems in a way that is constantly providing value? 

You’ve heard the hype, now come find out what it’s really all about. In this introductory workshop we will share with you the basics on what data science and machine learning are and how you can use them in the nonprofit space. After an overview we will talk about data collection, do a bit of data cleaning and then a bit of reporting. Afterwards we’ll talk about some of the algorithms used in predictive analytics.

Since the 2015 debut of Facebook charitable giving tools, people have raised $1 billion+ on Facebook for causes they care about. With the exploding popularity of Facebook Fundraisers, several important questions persist: How do we know who is fundraising for us? With limited to zero data provided by Facebook, how can we effectively engage these supporters during and after their campaign?

Your brand is at the core of how supporters and potential supporters perceive your organization and its work.  Given the way that our world is evolving through technology, online engagement, and digital fundraising, having a strong brand and value proposition is critical to gaining and keeping attention. 

In “Brand Slam”, we will talk about the keys of good branding in 2020, rebranding and some tips on how to turn your marketing team into a content machine.  Utilizing the power of FOMO, technology and the latest in social influence and engagement you can build a loyal tribe of followers. 

Technology can be a double-edged sword. It can be a master of distraction or it can be a master of calm, well-being, and happiness. No matter your position at your organization, this fun session will preview apps that can help build resilience and create and sustain greater well-being in your life and your work.

Impact measurement is stressful. It’s vague.  It’s one more thing to do.  And then there’s the worry: “what if my results aren’t good?”  The fact that evaluation occurs only at the end of a project raises the stakes, minimizes learning, and makes adaptation impossible.

But there’s a better way ????. With the phased approach of an Impact Cascade, evaluation becomes an ongoing process. Measurement becomes more diagnostic and less evaluative. Assessing results becomes an opportunity to increase positive change.

Online giving continues to grow faster than giving overall, fueled by more people coming online and a large increase in mobile usage (among other things), but how can you make the most of your online fundraising? In this fast-paced and evidence-based webinar, Brady Josephson — Managing Director of the Nextafter Institute for Online Fundraising — will share case studies, experiments, academic studies, and the latest fundraising research to help you optimize your online fundraising strategy and create a great online giving experience for your donors.

Volunteers are one of our most strategic assets. They generate millions of dollars per year for organizations. When they don’t — or can’t — show up in person, the loss can be crippling. We must be able to recruit and engage volunteers effectively online so they can take virtual action at scale in times of crisis (like right now, during COVID-19), and stay engaged over the long term, in person or virtually- which requires conditioning through data-driven strategic messages and social commitments. After all, would you be a no-show if all your friends were coming, too? …Or if you could see and feel the impact you’re having on the people you serve?

AI is no longer a complicated tool built exclusively for large tech companies, data scientists, and engineers. Keela has built intelligent tools specifically for nonprofits in order to help make better decisions by being able to predict a donor’s next move. Join us on this interactive demo to see how our tools will help small and medium nonprofits by significantly improving fundraising efforts.

Session 1: Using gender pronouns can make or break an interaction, can make those we reach out to feel seen or ignored. Be proactive about learning your clients’ pronouns, and develop ways to use them consistently and with understanding and respect. I’ll show you how I built PatronManager’s protocol for collecting pronouns and displaying them front and center for our Client Services teams.

Session 2: This will be followed by a 30-minute Q&A session with small nonprofit expert, Cindy Wagman, who will be discussing today’s fundraising climate and how nonprofit’s can still thrive. Bring your questions and Cindy will share her wisdom.

This interactive lunch and learn will be a 45 minute Q&A session with nonprofit experts, Sarah Durham and Farra Trompeter of Big Duck who will be discussing the importance of Donor Communications both in the short term and long term during our current climate.

Do you want your work to be faster, higher, and stronger? Are you looking for apps, tools, tactics, and resources to take home with you and implement right after 20NTC? This is the fun and engaging session you’re looking for! In this session, we will share our favourite resources that are accessible and affordable for organizations of all sizes that will help you go faster and more efficiently, raise higher revenues, and build stronger relationships!

More to come! 

Our Presenters

Learn from the experts in the nonprofit sector and do more good.

Nejeed Kassam

Founder & CEO, Keela
Entrepreneur, Nonprofit Innovator.

Julia Campbell

Social Media & Storytelling Strategist, Author and Speaker.

Kate Vannelli

Program Director, Global Conservation Corps. Conservation scientist and National Geographic explorer. 

Justin Walker

Board treasurer, Global Conservation Corps. 
Entrepreneur and Humanitarian.

Beth Kanter

Nonprofit Innovator, Master Trainer, Speaker. Author of 
“The Happy Healthy Nonprofit”.

Ria Sankar

Director of Program Management, Microsoft. Founding member of 
AI for Good.

Taylor Shanklin

VP Marketing, Pursuant.
Speaker, podcast host, and marketing leader. 

Mary Joyce

Founder and Principal,
Do Big Good.

Brady Josephson

Managing Director, NextAfter.
Charity nerd, entrepreneur, digital marketer, professor,
 and writer. 

Cindy Wagman

President and CEO, The Good Partnership. 

Meico Whitlock

Founder and CEO, Mindful Techie. Speaker. Trainer. Facilitator. Author of “The Intention Planner”.

Jude Shimer

Associate Director of Client Operations, PatronManager.

Anne Lewallen

Consultant / Advisor,

Renata Sahagian

Chief Experience Officer,
No Vet Alone.

Nick Burne

Nick Burne

Founder/ CEO, GivePanel.

Maureen Wallbeoff

Digital Strategist and Technology Coach.

Ananda Leeke

CEO / Founder, Ananda Leeke Consulting and Thriving Mindfully Academy. Author of Digital Sisterhood.

Sarah Durham

CEO, Big Duck
& Advomatic.

Nick Burne

Farra Trompeter

Chief Growth Officer, 
Big Duck.

Jason Shim

Director, Digital Strategy, Pathways to Education Canada.

Lan Freitag

Community Fundraising Manager, Children’s Cancer Research Fund.

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