Donor Experience Week 2020

DEW is over and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

We’ve created this on-demand content library so you can watch the sessions you missed and re-watched the ones you loved.

 Happy learning and see you around!

Yes! You Can Build A Strong Relationship with Your Virtual Event P2P Fundraisers

It’s 2020 and you’re focused on growing your virtual P2P program. So is every other organization!

Competition is fierce, and supporter expectations have never been higher. How can your organization stand out from the crowd?

Here’s the good news – you have the power to transform a transactional relationship into a solid, long-term partnership! Maureen will share practical examples of ways to engage your P2P fundraisers, draw them more deeply into your organization, and help them raise more money. And these are all things you can start doing tomorrow.

Whether you’re a virtual P2P event pro or this is your first rodeo, you’ll come away with fresh ideas and inspiration.

Maureen Wallbeoff, Digital Strategist and Technology Coach

Major Gifts Operations: Planning for Success

In 2019 US nonprofits raised nearly $450 billion. Roughly 70% of that came from individual giving.  Small gifts add up but it turns out 76% of donations come from 3% of donors. Major gift relationships take time, which is why we often lose focus on them. Some organizations don’t have a major gifts program, others have a few champions, and few nonprofits have successful major gifts programs. These successful organizations have major gifts goals, plans and processes in place.

In this session, prospect development expert Ryan Woroniecki will explain the processes you can use to put a major gifts program in place.

Ryan Woroniecki, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at DonorSearch

Keynote – Building Donor Diversity: Professional Growth that Leads to Broader Communities

As we all go about our work of raising much-needed funds for our organizations, it is important to find entry points where we can bring up the subject of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to our donors. It is also integral to diversifying our donor pool.

We can do this by assessing our own gifts and strengths in order to determine our role in moving equity forward.

Join our keynote speaker, Yolanda F. Johnson, as she delivers tools and strategies for personal assessment, donor diversification and for opening the doors in our work as fundraisers, to help donors see through a DEI lens and by doing so, create a more just and equitable sector and society.

Yolanda F. Johnson, Founder at Women of Color in Fundraising and Philanthropy (WOC)™, President at YFJ Consulting, LLC and Professional Musician

Karen Hopper

Engaging and Converting Donors in the Mobile Age

For the average nonprofit, 50% or more of all website traffic in 2019 was made up of people visiting your organization on their mobile devices, which is 11% higher than it was in 2018.

What’s more, nonprofits saw a 17% growth in mobile donations and a 21% in mobile revenue.

This means that not only are folks increasingly attached to those mobile devices, but they’re becoming more and more confident in using those devices to transmit a donation.

This session will discuss the most important things to know about mobile behavior, and what nonprofits need to do in order endure the shift towards mobile, and to maximize engagement on the devices and platforms our donors prefer.

Karen Hopper, Senior Data Strategist at M+R

Jude Shimer

Respect Your Donors with Gender-Inclusive Data

Using gender pronouns and salutations can make or break an interaction with any donor, but especially trans and nonbinary donors. Don’t narrow your prospects by assuming donors feel most respected by traditional gendered titles. Improve your relationships and grow your base by embracing gender-inclusive data practices.


  • Learn what constitutes gender data, when and when not to collect it, and how to use it responsibly when it’s needed.


Jude Shimer, CRM Manager at the Center for Popular Democracy

Donors, Data, and Doing What’s “Right” – An Ethical (and Lego-Centered) Look at Prospect Development

We live, as Seth Godin says, in a connection economy. And nothing fuels that connection with donors more than data – their contact details, giving history, and personal information. But in an age of high-profile hacks, data scandals, and privacy concerns what are the fundraiser’s ethical obligations to data management?

In this session, T. Clay Buck, CFRE will explore the new realities in data management, how ethics plays a role in how we manage data and how best to ensure you’re managing donors most trusted asset appropriately. And answer the question of how Lego Bricks fit in with a discussion on data management and ethics!

T. Clay Buck, CFRE, Founder and Consultant at Tactical Fundraising Solutions

The Art of Storytelling in the Digital Age

The power of storytelling in undeniable, and has not changed since humans began to communicate. However, the landscape in which to tell and to share stories certainly has. Digital technologies have fundamentally changed the way people discover, engage, and share information about the causes they care about. Social media platforms and innovative digital tools like augmented and virtual reality are disrupting traditional fundraising, with the potential to bring donors more deeply inside the work of organizations.

In this session, author and global authority on nonprofit digital storytelling Julia Campbell will walk you through the modern day secrets to nonprofit storytelling in the digital age, based on her bestselling book for nonprofits.

Julia Campbell, Social Media & Storytelling Strategist, Author and Speaker

Designing for Accessibility: How to Make Your Comms Accessible and Inclusive

Being an inclusive organization means proactively creating accessible comms, not just making adjustments reactively. Many of the comms materials you share currently are unsuitable for people who live with autism, color blindness, dyslexia, visual impairments, and neurodiversity.

In this interactive session you will learn how to make your comms more accessible in order to be an inclusive employer and to reach bigger external audiences.

Alice Corner, Content Marketer at Venngage

Turning Traffic into Relationships

Your website needs to be more than a brochure with a donate button. We will cover the five major sources of traffic to a site including search, social and ad grant traffic. Then we’ll share simple email capture tactics that will begin the donor relationship.


  • Understand 5 sources of traffic in Google Analytics
  • Find the easiest ways to increase existing traffic
  • Learn simple ways to improve donor email acquisition

George Weiner, Founder and CEO of Whole Whale

Ross Kimbarovsky Picture

Attract Volunteers and Donations with a Strong Visual Brand

Every nonprofit needs donors and volunteers to thrive. But, a worthy mission isn’t enough to win them over. People support specific nonprofits for many important reasons, including the strength of a nonprofit’s visual brand. A strong visual brand can inspire confidence and dramatically boost donations.

This interactive session will discuss the power of visual branding for nonprofits, when it’s time to refresh a visual brand, how to build loyalty and engagement through the visual brand design process, and simple ways to personalize stock template websites and emails.

Learn to create a strong visual brand that will win more volunteers and improve donations.


Nonprofit Branding: Complete Guide to Building a Strong Nonprofit Brand in 2020

Costing it Out: How Much Does Design Cost?

crowdspring’s Give Back Program

Ross Kimbarovsky, CEO at crowdspring

From Good Intentions to Getting it Done

While we always have the best intentions of taking everything we learn about improving our donor experience, the reality is that we often have a hard time implementing it all. Let’s be real – we are busy! Especially now.

In this lunch and learn, discover some secrets to hack your time and prioritize that donor experience once and for all.

Cindy Wagman, President and CEO at The Good Partnership

5 Research-Backed Ways to Optimize Your Fundraising

Using academic research, behavioural economic theories, and applied experiments with real nonprofits, Brady Josephson will share 5 strategies proven to grow your fundraising that are backed by research.

Whether you’re new to fundraising and marketing or have been doing it for 20 years, you’ll come away with a few new insights and ideas to implement and try for yourself.

Brady Josephson, Managing Director, Institute for Online Fundraising – NextAfter

Canada’s Changing Donor Landscape

In the wake of COVID-19, charities, foundations and nonprofit organizations have been re-analyzing their existing and potential donor bases, developing plans to cultivate new and existing supporters with innovative methods of engagement.

What many are missing, however, is that Canadian society is changing dramatically – are your insights and fundraising strategy keeping up?

Imagine Canada, Ethnicity Matters and a collective of partners have teamed up on a new study examining the giving habits and attitudes of newcomers to Canada and second-generation Canadians.

Join us to hear highlights and implications from the recently released report, and learn how Canadian fundraisers can develop strategies to engage these growing population groups.


Download your free copy of the Multicultural and Newcomer Charitable Giving Study

Bruce MacDonald, President & CEO, Imagine Canada

Bobby Sahni, Partner & Co-founder, Ethnicity Matters

How to Build Donor Relationships Using Keela

Today we are talking about the “R” in CRM. Relationships.

Donor relationships are the cornerstone of your donorbase and you don’t want to screw this up. As you grow and scale, it becomes harder to manage relationships without being transactional. Personalization and donor history is key to ensuring your donors feel as though you understand them.

In this session, we will cover the basics of managing donor relationships in Keela’s platform so you can keep every touchpoint relevant and personalized without spending hours out of your week. We will cover how to build good habits of relationship management and put them into concrete plans using Keela’s CRM.

Peter Craigen, Nonprofit Advisor at Keela

Design Thinking for Fundraisers: Why this Skill is Essential, and How to Implement it

Design thinking has been a game changer in startups and agencies for over a decade. Fundraisers can—and should—apply the same process to their fundraising programs, but have been slow to adopt it. When executed properly, a design thinking methodology can incorporate voices and experiences that are commonly excluded, ignored or misinterpreted.

This session provides an overview of design thinking with real-life examples. We’ll delve into approaches that can set you up for success, what to avoid, and how to spot opportunities for innovation in your organization.

Download your free chapter of Brock’s book here

Brock Warner, CFRE, Digital Fundraising Author, Consultant, and Coach

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