Make Better Decisions

By being able to predict your donor’s next move.

With Keela intelligence, you’ll know when someone is ready to donate, how much to ask them for, and what campaign to recommend them next. 

Our powerful intelligence tools are a game-changer for nonprofits. Besides deepening your relationships with donors by giving you the best insight into how and when to connect, Keela will help significantly improve your fundraising efforts.


Communicate better with our Donor Score tool which shows you how likely a donor is to give

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Fundraise smarter with our Smart Ask tool which shares the ideal amount to ask for from each donor.

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Have more impact with our Campaign tool that predicts which of your donors are the most likely to give to your next effort.

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Know when to connect

Keela’s Donor Score tool ranks donors according to their previous giving behavior, segmenting them into categories in order to determine which ones are most likely to give. You can sort your donors by their Score and send personalized emails to those who are ready to donate.



Maximize your donor’s generosity

Use Keela’s Smart Ask tool to catapult your fundraising efforts. Smart Ask tells you how much you should be asking from your donors by looking at their previous giving habits, then recommending an ideal donation amount to maximize their gift.


Boost your fundraising efforts

Similar to Netflix, Keela recommends which donors to reach out to for your next campaign. This tool helps predict the donors who are the most likely to engage with a specific campaign, making it easier than ever to raise more funds, do more good and have more impact.


Donor Score

Automatically rank donors according to giving behavior and categorize them

Smart Ask

Automatically tells you the ideal amount to ask for from each donor

Donor Readiness

Know how likely your donor is to donate within the next two weeks

Campaign Recommendations

Automatically predict which donors are likely to give to your next campaign

Fundraising Report

Get insights into your fundraising health with a custom Fundraising Report

KPIs and Benchmarking

Set goals and see how your organization compares to industry benchmarks

Let Keela Intelligence guide you

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