Grow Your Mission – Intelligently

Fundraising Intelligence is woven into the very DNA of Keela. Across every feature, the data you capture today generates actionable insights that can further your mission tomorrow.

Keela product imagery showing key features of fundraising intelligence

Use Fundraising Intelligence to predict your donor’s next move

By knowing who to ask, how much to ask them, and how they prefer to be contacted, you can confidently ask for larger, more frequent donations from your donors. 


Streamline outreach by knowing how and when your donors like to be contacted.


Fundraise smarter by knowing the ideal amount to ask for from each donor.


Personalize the experience by recommending the best campaign for each donor.


Tie it all together with automatic campaigns that save you time and help raise more.

Using Keela’s fundraising tools, nonprofits see a 46% average increase in donation revenue after their first year.

Connect with Confidence

Contact insights are stored in every donor profile. Use them to understand how engaged each contact is with your mission and when they’ll be ready to make their next gift.

Contact profile and insights
Smart ask donor insight

Take the Guesswork out of Giving

Keela’s Smart Ask lets you maximize gift size by telling you how much you should ask your donors for. Use it as a contact insight for a one-off outreach or embedded as a form for larger campaigns.

Customize the Journey

Never wonder what the next step is again. Recommendations help you figure out what campaign or initiative your contact is interested in so you are constantly stewarding them to their next ask.

campaign recommendations donor insights
Email with a smart ask form in the body

Automate the Process

You can automatically send tailored donation requests to each contact using Smart Ask forms in your next email marketing campaign. Just drag, drop, and send. No manual calculations required.

Intelligent tools that give you the power to do more 

Donor Score

Automatically rank donors according to giving behavior and categorize them.

Smart Ask

Automatically tells you the ideal amount to ask for from each donor.

Smart Ask Forms

Embed Smart Ask Forms in emails to ensure you ask for the right amount.

Campaign Recommendations

Automatically predict which donors are likely to give to your next campaign.

Donor Readiness

Know how likely your donor is to donate within the next two weeks.

Time Of Year

Know exactly when a donor is more likely to give

Best Way to Reach Out

Ensure you are always using a contact’s preferred method of communication.

Smart Widgets

Combining AI with contact data so you can review and take action on recommended lists of contacts at the right moment.

Engagement State

Identifies what stage your contacts are in and whether or not they need a little more love.

Let Keela be your Copilot

“Having Keela as a part of our digital toolkit has been one of the best decisions our organization has made. Simply put,
Keela has saved us countless hours and ultimately given us insights into donors that we never thought possible. The recommendations that Keela’s AI gives us for when to engage our donors is so helpful and really making a positive impact on our donor relations.” 

Learn how you can take control of your fundraising with confidence using Keela.