Effortlessly Guide Donors through a Custom Journey

Think beyond automated tax receipts (although Keela does that too) and start automating donor journeys that will guide your supporters towards making their next gift.

A man smiling along snapshots of the Keela Automation interface including a workflow, workflow status and workflow activation.

Save Time with Automated Touchpoints

Steward Every Donor

Set up automated email journeys that keep your donors engaged right from their first gift.

Increase Efficiency

Take back hours of your day by creating workflows that trigger the right custom communications at the right time.

How Automation Achieves Results 

Create a welcome journey for every new donor. Start with a gift acknowledgement and receipt, then automate mission updates.

Create email campaigns that steward your donors towards your next big ask.

Re-engage lapsed donors through automated journeys that are designed to re-engage them in your cause.

Create segmented lists without leaving Keela so that you can leave spreadsheets behind.

Track volunteers and automatically send them new opportunities to get involved.

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Still Not Convinced? Here’s a Sneak Peek at a Donor Welcome Journey!

Choose a Starting Point

Trigger a workflow to activate when a new donor makes their first gift.

This workflow starts when a new donor is added to the Keela System.

Apply Filters

Personalize your communications by adding filters to your contacts so that they go on the journey that makes the most sense for them.

After a donor is added, they are immediately sent a tax receipt and gift acknowledgement.

Add an Action

Set up an email that triggers a gift acknowledgement and tax receipt to be sent to your new donor. Then set follow-up actions such as receiving a mission update the following week.

Customize the Journey

Create different journeys that donors can take depending on their interactions, like if they open or even click on a fundraising email.

If/Then logic is used to guide donors through a personalized journey
If the donor opens their welcome email, 
create a workflow that enrolls them in your newsletter.
If they don’t, automate a reminder task for a member of your team to give them a call.
Congratulations! Your workflow is active!


Turn your welcome journey on and rest assured that all of your donors feel welcome and appreciated!

Track the Effectiveness of Your Journey

See where your donors are in their journey, how they engage with your emails, and make constant improvements to deepen donor engagement.

This overview illustrates how your workflow is performing.

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