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To Help Multi-Chapter Organizations Grow Together

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Large Savings

Enjoy large discounts when purchasing more than one annual Keela subscription. We will give you the best pricing according to your organization’s unique needs.

Manage Multiple Accounts

Keela allows you to easily access multiple Keela accounts at any given moment. No more fumbling with different usernames and passwords!

Consistent Branding

Start unifying your organization by getting all of your chapters to use the same platform, including online donation pages. The more your brand is consistent across your organization, the more trustworthy you appear.


By using the same platform as other organizations or groups that you are affiliated with, the more you can collaborate with each other and share ideas. Gone are the days when you had to figure out new technology on your own.


Keela has helped nonprofit organizations around the world raise over $1.5 billion.

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FAQ about our Volume Pricing

Any larger nonprofit organizations who have:

  • Local chapters, branches or groups
  • Regional offices
  • Councils and conferences
  • Component groups
  • Association or society member groups

To view Keela’s regular pricing structure, you’ll need to head to our pricing page.

Keela has flexible subscription packages where you can choose to pay either annually, or monthly.

Volume Pricing:

When a multi-chapter organization wants to purchase multiple subscriptions of Keela, they will receive a large discount. The discount depends on many different factors. Click here to see if you qualify.

Regular Pricing:

Keela offers pricing that makes sense for any organization. Click here to learn more about our pricing.

In order to qualify, we take various factors into consideration, such as number of chapters associated with your organization, the structure of your organization, existing chapters that are Keela customers, and much more.

If you refer a new customer to Keela, you will receive a generous gift from us in the form of money. 

Click here to learn more about Keela referral program.

However, we suggest contacting us if you would like to refer more than one neighboring group, chapter, or branch that you are associated with, as everyone will receive a benefit in the form of either cost savings or referral payment. 

Want to See Keela in Action?

We know that new software can be intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be! Schedule a demo with one of our friendly nonprofit software experts and ask them about our volume pricing.