Accepting Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrency Donations

Tuesday, April 18th at 10:00 am PT / 1:00 pm ET

Webinar with Merrick Theobald

Accepting Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrency Donations


Merrick Theobald – VP of Marketing, BitPay

Join Merrick from BitPay, one of the oldest cryptocurrency companies, as he walks you through Bitcoin and how it all works.

As cryptocurrency continues to reach new highs, gain value and become more mainstream, wouldn’t you like to understand what’s behind the hype and how it works?

Join us for this informative webinar and discover the answers to everything you wanted to know about cryptocurrency and accepting crypto donations!

Founded in 2011, BitPay is one of the oldest cryptocurrency companies. As a pioneer in blockchain payment processing, the company’s mission is to transform how businesses and people send, receive, and store money. Its business solutions eliminate fraud chargebacks, reduce the cost of payment processing, and enable borderless payments in cryptocurrency, among other services. The company has offices in North America, Europe, and South America and has raised more than $70 million in funding from leading investment firms including Founders Fund, Index Ventures, Virgin Group, and Aquiline Technology Growth. For more information visit

This webinar will be closed captioned

About Merrick

Merrick has more than 25 years experience in the FinTech industry. Currently, he is the Vice President of Marketing for BitPay. BitPay builds powerful, enterprise-grade tools for crypto acceptance, payouts and spending. Prior to BitPay, Merrick held marketing leadership roles in BillMo, iSend and CheckFree/Fiserv. He resides in North Atlanta.

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