5 Fundraising Trends to Get Ahead of in 2023

Tips, strategies, and checklists to prime your organization for success this year.

Nonprofits have faced significant challenges in recent years, and as a result, the sector has learned some important lessons that will prove even more valuable in 2023

Download this comprehensive fundraising trends guide to discover how these lessons will become the building blocks for more resilience, agility, and sustained success in the nonprofit sector.

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While the nonprofit sector has made significant progress in its recovery efforts over the past 12 months, it ends the year with more questions than answers about the quality and lifespan of its donor relationships, the future of fundraising events, and the state of workplaces.

These are questions that nonprofits and fundraisers will need to address in 2023, and this guide proposes possible solutions.

Use this guide as a framework to adapt and re-energize your nonprofit’s efforts in 2023.