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The Syllabus

1.1:  The Donor Cycle
1.2:  Revenue Sources
1.3:  Words You Should Know
1.4:  Your Fundraising Team
1.5:  Case for Support
1.6:  Donor-Centered Communication

2.1:  Audience Profiles
2.2:  Prospects & Pipeline
2.3:  Volunteers
2.4:  Tags
2.5:  Managing Partner Relationships

3.1:  Website
3.2:  Email Acquisition
3.3:  Eblast Welcome Series
3.4:  Events I
3.5:  Engagement through Social Media

4.1:  Events II
4.2:  E-Newsletters
4.3:  E-blast Statistics
4.4:  Cultivation Meetings
4.5:  Tours
4.6:  Events III

5.1:  Offer Development & Impact Areas
5.2:  Donation Form Optimization
5.3:  Giving Tuesday
5.4:  Year-End Fundraising
5.5:  Second Gift Strategy

6.1:  Integrated Fundraising Campaigns
6.2:  Monthly Giving I
6.3:  Monthly Giving II
6.4:  Legacy Giving
6.5:  Reactivating Lapsed Donors

7.1:  Donor-Centered Fundraising
7.2:  Donor Retention
7.3:  Stewardship Matrix
7.4:  Gift Recognition
7.5:  Impact Reporting

8.1:  Setting Goals
8.2:  Development Plan
8.3:  Project Management
8.4:  Your Dashboard

9.1:  KPIs I
9.2:  KPIs II
9.3:  KPIs III

Josefina Bilotta

Keela Certified Fundraiser

I want to thank you all for such a great course. I really
enjoyed it, and the information was really useful.

Keela U Course Instructors

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Tasi Gottschlag

Chief Operating Officer

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Mel Bilko

Head of Community Engagement

Image of Sam Lego, a Keela U instructor

Sam Lego

Director of Marketing

Elsie Coffey

Customer Success Manager

Peter Craigen

Senior Account Executive

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