Giving Tuesday 2022 • November 29, 2022

Giving Tuesday Resources for Nonprofits

Giving Tuesday is the biggest day in nonprofit fundraising. To help you prepare for your next Giving Tuesday campaign, we’ve compiled this list of free campaign templates, tips, and resources.

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Giving Tuesday is a global movement that empowers donors, volunteers, and nonprofits to make more impact in their communities. It is an annual social fundraising campaign held on the first Tuesday after Black Friday.

In 2022, Giving Tuesday will be held on November 29th. 

In 2012, the movement began as a causeless day of giving, i.e., donors and volunteers participating in the campaign can contribute to any nonprofit. Since then, Giving Tuesday has expanded worldwide largely due to easy sharing on social media platforms using #GivingTuesday

In 2021, Giving Tuesday raised a record $2.7 billion in the US alone, with much more donated worldwide. And it is projected to raise even more in 2022.

See more statistics from Giving Tuesday 2021 below:

An illustation of a breakdown of GivingTuesday 2021 results

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Complete KIT of GivingTuesday Resources

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The Complete GivingTuesday Toolkit

The Complete Giving Tuesday Toolkit 

Get ready for your Giving Tuesday Campaign with this toolkit. Use the toolkit to learn how to set your donation pages, fundraisers, social media campaigns, and fundraising appeals. The toolkit includes handy timelines and templates to help you get started. 

GivingTuesday Campaign Brand Guide

Giving Tuesday Campaign Brand Guide

How can you make your Giving Tuesday campaign stand out? By ensuring your campaign’s brand resonates with your donors and supporters. Use this brand guide to create unique design elements and ensure consistency across your campaign materials.

How Nonprofits Can Make the Most of Giving Tuesday

How Nonprofits Can Make the Most of Giving Tuesday

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn practical tips, marketing channels, and tools you can use to make this year’s Giving Tuesday campaign your best yet. 

What Nonprofits Should Know about GivingTuesday 2021

Everything You Need to Know about Giving Tuesday 2022

Giving Tuesday is happening on November 29, 2022. Get the full gist about the global movement and learn how your nonprofit can take advantage of the biggest day in nonprofit fundraising. 

20 Steps to Running a Successful GivingTuesday 2021 Campaign

20 Steps to Running a Successful Giving Tuesday 2022 Campaign

Running a Giving Tuesday campaign is a lot of work. So, we’ve broken it down into 20 steps for you and your team to work through as you prepare for the big day. 

6 Steps to a Successful GivingTuesday Email (+ Examples)

6 Steps to a Successful Giving Tuesday Email (+ Examples)

Get inspired with 12 examples of Giving Tuesday fundraising emails and learn how you can design an email campaign that wins more conversions. 

100 Easy Fundraising Ideas to Crush Your Donation Goals

100 Easy Fundraising Ideas to Crush Your Donation Goals

Need Giving Tuesday campaign ideas? We’ve put together 100 fundraising ideas for nonprofits, so have a read-through and take your pick. 

5 Quick Giving Tuesday Campaign Tips for Nonprofits

1. Leverage Social Media

Now’s the time to reassess and improve your nonprofit’s social media strategy. Be sure to use the hashtag #GivingTuesday when promoting your campaign online. 

2. Share Your Nonprofit Impact Stories

Remind, or inform donors of the excellent work your nonprofit is doing and let them know how their Giving Tuesday contributions will make a difference in your community. 

3. Re-engage Lapsed Donors

Reach out to your donors who haven’t given in the past year and use this opportunity to reaffirm the value and impact of their contributions. 

4. Develop a Millenial Fundraising Strategy

More millennials are giving to causes they believe in, and this cohort accounted for 82% of all Giving Tuesday participants in 2021. You need to have a plan in place to attract them to your nonprofit’s mission. 

5. Create a Donor Stewardship to Retain Donors after Giving Tuesday

Donor retention is vital when it comes to running a successful fundraising campaign—especially, a one-day campaign like Giving Tuesday. You should develop a comprehensive donor stewardship strategy so you can follow up with donors even after the campaign is over.