Powerful, accessible,  nonprofit-friendly software

Keela is a cloud-based donor management tool that allows organizations to easily engage and build meaningful relationships with their contacts. Using powerful, but easy-to-use tools to automate workflows, increase capacity, and decrease stress, Keela has helped thousands of nonprofit professionals grow their mission. 

Keela offers all the key features expected in a Nonprofit focused CRM like donor management, email marketing, and reporting, but we give you so much more!

How is Keela better?

We have woven our intelligence features into our software to give you insights like who to call for each campaign, exactly how much to ask them for, and when they will be most receptive to donation requests. Keela is your fundraising secret weapon.

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Keela’s interface is easy to use and intuitive. The Help articles are easily searchable and clear and if you’re still stuck the customer support is the best I’ve experienced from any software provider. Keela has made managing donor data a breeze and I can easily segment donors with the tag feature. The reporting function in Keela 2.0 seem greatly improved from 1.0. Donation forms are easily created, customized and embedded on our website. I’ve only had positive experiences with Keela; the staff are all super helpful, they truly listen to customer feedback and make changes accordingly which is what’s made Keela 2.0 more or less perfect for our small non-profit.

David Palmer, Philanthropy Officer
Environmental Youth Alliance

The only nonprofit software you’ll ever need

  • Automatic duplicate detection, so you’re not paying for contacts twice
  • Affordable, sector-specific Artificial Intelligence tools to further your mission
  • Access Keela on-the-go across desktop, mobile, and tablet
  • Pay no additional processing fees for donations raised
  • Reporting that’s easy to compile and understand with suggested reports and templates you can save
  • Optional add-ons available to customize your organization’s experience as you grow
  • Library of pre-built email templates or use our drag-and-drop email builder
  • Data is stored in the United States, Canada or Australia depending on where the nonprofit is based

How Keela Helps


  • Robust donor profiles based on customized fields 
  • Know when to connect with contact insights
  • Personalization Tags in Emails
  • And More


  • Artificial Intelligence tools built specifically for fundraisers
  • Unlimited Donation Forms and Pages
  • Automated Tax Receipts
  • And More


  • Create unlimited segments to filter your database
  • Data visualization tools to make sense of the numbers
  • Every interaction tracked
  • And More


  • On-Demand Fundraising Report
  • Built-in data analysis and recommended actions
  • Build customizable reports to analyze the information you need
  • And More


Executive Directors


Get more done in less time.
Our Nonprofit Management System was built with you in mind, meaning it has all the tools you need to optimize your workflows – without the headache.

With a user-friendly layout, rich contact insights, advanced reporting, easy data imports and integrations, and more you can easily manage every touchpoint of your organization. 

Board Members

Keep your finger on the pulse of your organization.

Keela’s detailed and easy-to-read Reporting and Analytics Tools means you’ll have the data you need to inform your decisions about the future of your organization. 

With 16 standardized reports and the customization options, you can pick and choose what you want to see with the click of a button.


Grow your mission – intelligently.

Keela is the first CRM software to build affordable artificial intelligence tools to help you make better decisions and raise more money. 

Let Keela be your copilot and watch your fundraising revenue climb. 

Grow your mission – intelligently

Carry around a data-scientist in your pocket and watch your fundraising revenue climb. 

Keela is the first CRM software to build affordable artificial intelligence tools to help you make better decisions and raise more money. 

An overview of our intelligence tools

Donor Score

Automatically rank donors according to giving behavior and categorize them.

Smart Ask

Automatically tells you the ideal amount to ask for from each donor.

Smart Ask Forms

Embed Smart Ask Forms in emails to ensure you ask for the right amount.

Campaign Recommendations

Automatically predict which donors are likely to give to your next campaign.

Donor Readiness

Know how likely your donor is to donate within the next two weeks.

Time Of Year

Know how likely your donor is to donate within the next two weeks.

We had tried numerous (I forget how many) products previously. I’m ashamed to admit we rarely stayed with one product longer than a year. DonorPerfect. CiviCRM. Salesforce. Blackbaud. Bloomerang. Salsa CRM/Engage. The list goes on. Not sure why – but when we found Keela (I’m not kidding), it was like finding “the one”…
From the day we first installed until the first email campaign, it was under 90 days. And our first email/printed mail campaign has just topped (you’re going to think the company hired me to say this – but they didn’t) $100,000 in income. Our typical email campaigns had been $10,000 or $12,000 prior”

Douglas L.
Non-Profit Organization Management, 201-500 employees

Ready to learn more?

Did you know, organizations see an average revenue increase of 46% in the first year using Keela? Calculate your growth potential using our ROI Calculator .